10 Signs That You Shouldn’t End Your Relationship Because Of Rough Patches

Are you going through a rough patch? DON’T GIVE UP!
Relationships are complicated. No one ever gets everything right the first time. It’s a learning experience for everyone. There will be ups and downs with every relationship and the key is in making things work despite the hurdles. You have to be willing to compromise sometimes. You’ll have your wins, you’ll have your losses, but it’s all for the greater purpose of maintaining harmony in your relationship.

Just because things aren’t going particularly well for you two at the moment doesn’t mean that you should be ending ties between you. Rough patches can hit even the strongest of bonds and you have to be able to work through them. If you’re struggling to look for signs to keep the flame of your love burning, look no further than this list. Here are 10 signs that you shouldn’t end your relationship because of rough patches:

1. You like the person you’ve become because of this relationship.
You’ve become a much better person ever since you’ve gotten together. You find yourself growing and maturing much more substantially than ever before. You’re more of a responsible adult now and you know it’s because you’re in a committed relationship with someone who you love. You shouldn’t compromise your relationship because of an argument. Think of all the progress you’ve made as an individual because of this relationship.

2. You still find yourself being very attracted to each other.

You still find yourself blushing when you read their sweet text messages. You get flustered when you catch a glimpse of them in the crowd. Your heart starts to race in anticipation for dates with each other. Sure, you’re not getting along as well as you could be, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still crushing on each other.

3. Your relationship problems are circumstantial.
Whatever arguments or disagreements you guys might have, they might be purely circumstantial. If you’re not dealing with any perennial problems in your relationship that manage to rear their ugly heads on a consistent basis, then you should be safe. Your relationship should be strong enough to withstand the occasional squabbles. It’s just a matter of swallowing pride and ego.

4. Your friends and family don’t think you should break up either.

You should always value the opinion of your family and friends when you’re thinking about ending your relationship. Sometimes, you need a little unbiased perspective to assess your situation accurately. Getting third-party opinions is a great way to look at your relationship objectively. Sometimes, your ill-feelings as a result of disagreements can cloud your better judgement.

5. You’re both still willing to compromise and work with each other.
One of the most important aspects of making relationships work is compromise. Both of you have to be willing to adapt and compromise to meet each other’s needs. You won’t always get what you want in relationships and that’s okay. What’s important is that you make your union work by occasionally taking some losses for the greater good. What matters most is that you show each other you love each other by sacrificing some of your guilty pleasures for the sake of the other.

6. You complete each other’s day.

Whether you’re happy or you’re sad, you always feel incomplete whenever you don’t get to spend time with each other. You don’t necessarily have to be on good terms for you to want to be with each other. You can be arguing with each other at the moment but it’s important to you that they remain to be vital parts of your day.

7. You grow so much more as a couple.
You find that you’re just better when you’re together. The both of you would crumble the very second you end things in your relationship. Neither of you can bear the thought of life without the other because somehow, you always manage to make each other better.

8. You listen to each other.

Communication is a strong foundation for every relationship. If you’re still taking and listening to each other, then there is hope. Any couple that values trust, honesty, and open communication will always have a fighting chance at making things work.

9. There are more ups than there are downs.
Despite you guys going through a rough patch right now, it’s generally always a good time since you’ve gotten together. There’s no denying all the good memories have outweighed all the bad ones. You always find yourself smiling whenever you think about the months or years that you’ve spent as a couple.

10. During the downs, you still love and respect each other.

Despite the rough patches, the strong foundations of love and respect are still there. You still care for each other and you recognize each other’s dignities as individuals. That means that despite your indifference, you’re still willing to love each other. That love should be enough to overcome any doubts you might still be having.

11. You’re not ready to end things.
It’s that simple. You just can’t imagine a life without your partner because your love is too strong. Love should be enough especially if you’re willing to make things work.

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