4 Usual Relationship Problems and 3 Easy Solutions For Them

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Any relationship has problems. Even the strongest kinds of couples will have troubles within their romantic entanglements. That’s perfectly normal. Everyone will have to go through struggles. These struggles are sometimes necessary hurdles that make couples grow stronger and bolder together in love. However, it doesn’t always have to be so hard.

There are some relationship problems that are just downright unnecessary and destructive to relationships. You always have to work at your relationship and make sure that your love can trump any trials that are thrown your way. Also, there are ways that you can avoid your problems entirely. You just have to be aware of the common problems that plague all relationships, and the ways that you can solve or avoid them.

Remember that there is no absolute formula to making a relationship work. However, there are tips that you could follow to help make things easier. Relationships take a lot of time, effort, and commitment on both sides. If you’re looking for a quick-fix for everything, you’re not going to find it. Everything worth having is going to be difficult to attain. The beauty of your relationship is dependent on how much of yourself you’re willing to invest in it.

This article will point out 4 common problems that are inherent in a vast majority of relationships, and the 3 solutions that will help you smooth things out.
4 Common Relationship Problems

1. Criticism
When you’re trying to be critical of your partner without a purpose, then you’re really not helping the relationship. You’re not trying to improve your partner with your criticisms; you’re just venting and trying to put them down. You’re treating your partner as a punching bag and you don’t accomplish anything with your hurtful words. You only generate hate and that’s not good for any relationship.

2. Defensiveness

Whenever your partner is trying to be critical of you, you immediately respond with hostility. Instead of trying to turn a bad situation around, you’re just digging a hole deeper and deeper by responding with negativity. When you are being criticized, try to communicate more clearly and don’t let emotions and ego get in the way. If you respond to hateful remarks with more hatred, then you aren’t helping your relationship at all. You’re just allowing the flame of your love to die out with every hateful word you use.

3. Pride
Pride can ruin any relationship. Pride is what allows you to belittle your partner and see him/her as an inferior being. Pride is what blinds you to all the great things that your partner can bring to the table. You think so highly of yourself, you end up failing to see that relationships take the effort of two people. Relationships are a two-way street but your pride is practically taking up both lanes.

4. Indifference

The most cardinal sin that one could ever fall victim to committing in a relationship is being indifferent. You always have to be conscious of what your partner is feeling and thinking. You have to open your lines of communication and be willing to listen to each other. You always have to hear each other out and learn to grow and develop with each other’s thoughts. It can’t just always be about yourself.

3 Solutions to Helping Relationships

1. Take the time to know more about each other every day.
Open lines of communication. Find out what the other is feeling and thinking. If there’s something that’s bothering them about the relationship, ask them what it is and work at it as a couple. Try to make compromises and promote harmony within your relationship. Stop pointlessly bickering with each other and hear each other out. Open up to each other on a daily basis and allow yourselves to be vulnerable with each other. Trust each other with your feelings and emotions. You have to be able to rely on one another for love and support when you’re feeling particularly vulnerable.

2. Respond to each other’s appeals for attention.

If you notice your partner making subtle appeals for attention, then indulge in them. Make them feel like they’re loved and that you’re available for them 24/7. Make sure that they know they can approach you for absolutely anything. Let your partner know that your door is never closed. If he/she makes a simple comment like “Nice day, isn’t it?” respond accordingly with a sincere opinion of what the day is like. It will make your partner feel like you actually listen and care about what they’re saying.

3. Make an effort to show your affection (even in the simplest ways).
Be intimate. Be meaningful with your gestures. Your displays of affection don’t always have to be grand. They can be as simple as giving occasional hugs and kisses every now and then. Give each other compliments. Try to be the light in each other’s dark days. You’re in a partnership and it’s your team against the world.

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