9 Things That Can Trigger BreakUp

Look out for these breakup triggers!
You knew the risks going in. Success was never promised to you when you first started out. You knew that relationships were beautiful but they required a lot of work, commitment, and dedication. You can’t just choose to spend the rest of your life with someone without having to think about the things you’re going to have to commit yourself to.

Relationships are complicated and they are not for the faint of heart. You can’t afford to be weak in your love and dedication if you wish for a relationship to work in your favor.
Relationships are a two-way street. It’s always a give-and-take kind of situation. There are so many variables that go into making a relationship work and you can’t control everything. However, you should know that there are things you can control.

You should try your best to discover what facets of your relationship you can work on and how you can improve them. You always need to be wary and vigilant in terms of any triggers that can lead to turmoil and trouble in a relationship.

Avoid some of these triggers the best way that you can, and you’re improving the chances of making your relationship work. Although, you also have to know that some of these triggers are inevitable, and though you can’t stop them, at least you can prepare yourself for the repercussions. Here are 9 things that can trigger break ups.

1. Your True Self Begins To Emerge
A lot of times, we hide who we really are at the start of a relationship. We try to be the best possible versions of ourselves and we suppress our inner crazies. We act all prim and proper at the start and when we start getting comfortable with each other, we start letting ourselves go. When we do that, our inner crazies start to manifest themselves more visibly and our partners might not be able to take it.

2. You Aren’t Being Honest

Honesty and trust are the bedrocks for any strong relationship. If you find that you’re in a relationship that’s being built on dishonesty and deception, then it’s most likely a relationship that’s headed for doom. You can’t possibly build a healthy relationship on lies and deceit; it just doesn’t work like that.

3. You Don’t Make An Effort To Express Your Love
Relationships require lots of effort. It’s not always going to be smooth-sailing. You have to understand that you’re dealing with another human being who has feelings and expectations. If you start blowing off dates because you’re feeling lazy, then that means you’re just not really willing to put in the work for your relationship. Maybe the both of you are better off finding someone who actually makes you want to work for your love. 

4. You Start Unconstructively Criticizing Your Partner

It’s okay to always want your partners to be the best possible versions of themselves. In fact, it’s always encouraged to serve as your partner’s motivation; to push your partner to the limits to become a better and stronger individual. But when you start criticizing your partner senselessly without any purpose, that’s just a big blow to the ego that your partner might not be able to recover from.

5. Your Plans In Life Don’t Coincide With Each Other
There’s no point in being in a relationship with someone whose plans don’t coincide with yours. If you want to establish a long-term relationship with someone, you have to be comfortable with talking about the future with each other and making compromises to ensure harmony in your relationship moving forward.

6. You Become Excessively Physically Intimate Too Quickly

While sex can be used as a healthy component in any relationship, it might not be a good idea to demand so much from your partner too quickly. You want things to take their natural course. If you get too intimate a little too quickly, it may leave little room for development in your relationship in the long run and you might end up regret taking things a little too fast. 

7. You Set Unrealistic Expectations For Each Other
When you start picturing your partner as the ideal person; a figure beyond anyone’s reach, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. No relationships are ever perfect because no individual is ever perfect. Set realistic expectations for each other at the start and don’t exaggerate your ideas of your partner.

8. You Carry Too Much Emotional Baggage

Maybe you’re still a little scarred from traumatic relationships in the past. If you’re still too emotionally stuck in previous experiences, then you’re not really ready to get into another serious relationship. You always have to let go of any emotional baggage from the past if you want to make room for another person to enter your life.

9. You’re Emotionally Distant
Make your relationship work by allowing yourself to be as open as possible. Communicate with each other often and don’t shy away from deep and serious conversations. Always talk to each other about how you feel and never be afraid to express your opinions on your relationship, whether good or bad.

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