5 Signs That You’re Meant To Be Together

It’s when you push each other to become better individuals. It’s when you become so selfless with one another that other people start calling you “crazy” and “weird”. It’s when you live in your own little world, your own safe haven, where both of you are safe and happy with one another.

Love is a struggle in all aspects. It’s a struggle to attain, maintain, and move on from it should it ever end. Then again, it’s true when they say that nothing in this life that’s worth having ever comes easy. You have to be willing to work hard for what you want, and work even harder to keep it in your possession. For a lot of us in life, all we ever crave for is love. It’s not too difficult to see why. Love is essentially what makes our world go around. Love is what a lot of us stay alive for. Without the prospect of love, a lot of us would not want to go on living. Love is the driving force that binds all of humanity together, but yes, it can be a struggle to find.

So how do you know if you’ve managed to find and attain a love that’s real? What kind of love is the one that’s worth staying alive for? What kind of love is worth fighting for? For the lucky ones, love comes easily. They manage to find love with minimal effort, but they still know that they have to put in a lot of work in order to make a relationship work. For a lot of us, it will take a lot of trial-and-errors before we can find the love that’s actually worth making an effort for. But even then, none of us are ever sure that our love will last. That uncertainty will greatly diminish or increase itself over time, but it never really goes away.

When you do manage to find that semblance of love that you’ve been looking for, it can get difficult. How do you really know that you’re meant to spend for the rest of your life with this other person? Commitment is a big thing for anyone, and you never just want to commit yourself entirely to a person you’re not entirely sure of. But the thing is, a lot of us are just never ENTIRELY sure. We can get good gauges of how our relationship is going by heeding the signs though. There are signals that let us know when it’s okay for us to take the next step in our relationships. Here are 5 signs that you’re absolutely meant to be together:

1. You allow yourselves to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a slippery slope but it has to be present in any form of relationship. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable if you want to open yourself up to another person. Vulnerability is directly tolerated to how much trust you’re willing to give a person. When you let yourself be vulnerable to another person, you’re essentially saying, “Here’s my heart. I trust you with it. Please don’t end up betraying me.” The best kinds of relationships have partners who are comfortably at ease with being vulnerable with each other.

2. You have a developed sense of mutual respect for each other.

You understand that you’re both human beings who have dreams, principles, values, feelings, and opinions. You never try to belittle each other and you respect each other enough to allow for individual growth and development. You respect each other’s desire for occasional space and privacy. You also never use harsh language that you know could unnecessarily hurt each other’s feelings. You respect each other’s dignity and you would never do anything to tarnish your individual integrity. You genuinely believe that your partner is a great person and that there should be no room for disrespect in your relationship.

3. Jealousy is not an issue for either of you.

You no longer get jealous when it comes to your relationship because you’re both mature and smart enough to know your own self-worth. You’re never insecure about where you stand in the life of your partner because you always engage in open communication with each other on just about anything. There are no lies there, and there is absolutely no room for insecurity.

4. Your relationship is full of happiness and laughter.

They say that looks will eventually fade, but a good sense of humor only gets better with time. That’s why it’s a really good sign when your relationship is always filled with joy and laughter. That means you’re still managing to make each other happy even though you’ve been together for a long time. You still manage to fill each other’s soul with happiness and brightness. You still bring sunshine into each other’s lives and that’s very important when you’re engaged in a long-term relationship.

5. You push each other to become better people.

More important than growing as a couple, you should also maintain a semblance of individual growth. If you’re in a relationship wherein you constantly encourage your partner to grow as a person, then you’re probably meant to be. You encourage each other to pursue dreams and goals. You push each other to become better people. You grow as individuals, and then you end up growing as a relationship as well.

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