7 signs that tell you your relationship is amazing

Just like most things in life, people tend to be very confused about their relationships. They’re confused on whether the person sleeping next to them is truly ‘the one’. They’re confused about whether this relationship is actually going to last.

They’re confused on whether their parents, their siblings, their friends and anyone who’s close to them will approve of this. And they’re confused about determining whether this relationship is just like the one they saw in movies, read about in books and hoped to have one day.

But the truth is that love never really turns out to be like the one they show in movies, no matter how true and strong it is. Love is never just rainbows and butterflies. Love is hard work. Love is challenging. Love has its ups and downs. And love can break you down into a million little pieces only to fix you back together all on its own. So don’t feel discouraged because you had a few fights. Don’t feel confused if love doesn’t turn out to be exactly how you had imagined. And if you want to be sure that you’re actually in an amazing relationship, then look out for these signs:

You always tell each other the truth

If you’ve been in this world long enough, you already understand how trust is the foundation of every great relationship in life. Your partner is the one person you can trust with your life. No matter what the situation is, you know that they will always give you the cold hard truth about things, which might even include a few much-needed reality checks at times.

Sex isn’t your one and only priority

You’ve reached a point in your relationship where sex is no longer the one thing you both look forward to the most. You want to talk and hear about each other’s life stories. You want to spend all day binge-watching all five seasons of your favorite TV series together. And sometimes, the only thing you want to do is to cuddle up in their arms after a long tiring day and have a peaceful sleep.

You can tell each other about the people you find attractive
In fact, on some days, you even direct your boyfriend’s attention towards the extremely hot girl who just walked past you. You don’t feel any jealousy or insecurity in hearing that your partner can find someone else hot as well. It’s only natural and no matter what, you know you’re still the only one they truly care about.

You’re always finishing each other’s sentences

This has started to happen so often that you actually feel like they know you even better than you know yourself. It’s like you’re always thinking the exact same things. And this one quality actually comes in very handy when you end up fighting or if your partner is in a bad mood, because you always understand the reasons behind it without them having to say a word.

You don’t feel the need to keep texting each other all day
Everyone needs a little space in life and sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, these boundaries start to get a bit blurred. Some people have the perception that if they’re not constantly in contact with their partner, then something is definitely wrong. But what they don’t understand is that this kind of constant contact actually ends up becoming the root of all your problems. You don’t need constant reassurance of their love and affection for you in the form of silly text messages all day, and that’s what makes this relationship so comfortable and real.

You’re both each other’s #1 fan

One of your biggest desires in life is to see them growing and succeeding in every sphere of their life, and they feel exactly the same way about you. They pick you up when you fall down. They support you in every single decision you take. They keep rooting on you even when everyone else around you has started to lose hope. They’re the first ones to congratulate you when something good happens. And they keep inspiring you to be better than you were yesterday.

You can tell exactly the way they like… everything actually
You know what they’ll order at the restaurant. You know how they like their coffee. You know how many pillows they need to sleep peacefully. You know how to make them feel relaxed after a long tiring day. You know when they want to go out and when they want to spend a day at home. And it goes both ways – they understand exactly how you like to get things done as well. This connection you two share is exactly what makes this relationship so special.

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