13 Signs You’re Literally Addicted To Your Partner

Don’t be a romance-addict. Learn to have a life outside of your relationship. If you find yourself being guilty of some of the items on this list, then you really need to dial things back a little in your relationship.

There are few things in the world more charming than having two people who share a mutual love for each other. The undeniable chemistry and healthy interaction between two individuals in love can make for such a view. However, there must always be constant balance and moderation between people who are in relationships. Love is a beautiful thing, and a lot of people are susceptible to letting the romantic aspects of their lives consume them entirely. Little do they know that their overindulgence in love can lead to the potential destruction of their relationships, and consequently, their lives as well.

The bad news is that people are just naturally wired to be dependent. It’s all part of our animal instincts to be social beings. What we have to make sure is that we never grow overly dependent on other people. We cannot allow ourselves to determine our self-worth based on our relationship status. Don’t be a romance-addict. Learn to have a life outside of your relationship. If you find yourself being guilty of some of the items on this list, then you really need to dial things back a little in your relationship.

1. You have regular sexual escapades at inappropriate settings.
While having an active sex life can be good for a relationship, it only works to an extent. If you and your partner are always engaging in sexual acts at inappropriate settings, then that’s a sign of relationship addiction.

2. You find yourself virtually incapable of being away from your partner.
You don’t know what to do with yourself, and so your first impulse is to make contact with your partner immediately. It’s as if you are incapacitated whenever your partner isn’t around.

3. You are always going broke for your relationship.
Be more financially responsible. You can’t possibly think that going broke for the sake of your relationship is a good idea. This is not a sustainable method of living. You need to be more intelligent in your approach to life. Don’t get your partner a lavish gift if you know you can’t afford it.

4. Whenever you’re bored, you compulsively turn to your partner for companionship.

You don’t even go to your friends, your siblings, or your parents. It’s always your partner. A lot of people will keep themselves occupied with books, hobbies, movies, or other activities when they’re bored. They don’t immediately turn to their partners.

5. You don’t think you can be happy without being in a relationship.
Your entire state of elation is purely dependent on whether you’re in a relationship or not. You would be absolutely devastated at the thought of not being with your partner, and you think your life would crumble should you ever break up.

6. You are afraid of being alone.

There’s a difference with being alone and experiencing loneliness. It’s normal for people to be afraid of loneliness. But it’s entirely different for people to be afraid of just being alone. We must all be comfortable with solitude to some extent.

7. You feel like you lose a substantial part of yourself when you’re not together.
Your partner is just a small extension of yourself. You shouldn’t feel completely broken just because they’re not around you. Yes, it’s normal for you to miss your partner when you’re not together, but you can’t let that incapacitate you.

8. Your partner’s approval means everything to you.

Everything in your life depends on what your partner’s think. You no longer make decisions entirely on your own. You don’t ask advice from people outside of your partner. Whatever your partner says is law, and that’s not a healthy way to go about a relationship.

9. You get anxiety attacks whenever you think that your partner wants to break up with you.
You’re just doing this to yourself when you let your own personal mental stability be dependent on your partner. You may be living on borderline paranoia by espousing this kind of mentality.

10. You try to gain your partner’s attention by starting senseless fights.

You constantly crave for your partner’s attention and so you resort to cheap ploys just to get him to notice you. You may resort to starting up fake fights just so he will focus his energies on resolving things with you.

11. You have an addict’s characteristics directed towards your partner.
You treat your partner like a drug addict treats cocaine. You get withdrawal symptoms and you can never feel like you can function properly without it.

12. You willingly let him have his way with you just to make him love you more.

If your partner wants to have sex with you even when you’re not in the mood, you give in anyway in an attempt to make him/her love you more. You are willing to lose your sense of dignity just to gain his/her favor.

13. You devote ALL of your time to the relationship, you end up neglecting other aspects of your life.
Your career is in jeopardy. Your relationships with your friends are tarnished. You’ve broken valuable ties with your family. All this is because you spend too much time and energy on a relationship that is slowly destroying your life.

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