10 Things Alpha Women Need In A Relationship

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Strong and independent women are quickly gaining prominence all over the world. Gone are the days wherein women were only seen as submissive, dainty, and incompetent. In this modern age, a lot of woman are finding substantial success throughout various fields; even going as far as to outdo their male peers. However, to a lot of bigoted people, a strong and independent woman can be quite a turn off. This is especially true for men who are too insecure about their own selves, they don’t want to be dating a woman who will only add to their insecurities.

Besides, a strong and independent woman has no patience for a weak and insecure man anyway. They only seek men who are open-minded and who understand that they have to grant their women the freedom to thrive and find success on their own. These are some of the things a strong woman needs from their men in order for their relationships to survive.

1. They need a man who can challenge them.

A strong and independent woman is always going to be goal-oriented and ambitious. They have dreams and aspirations that the common person wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. That’s why if they ever get into a relationship with someone, it has to be with a man who is able to challenge and push them to become the best possible versions of themselves. There is no room for mediocrity in the relationship, and in life.

2. They need a man who are worthy of trust and who can trust them.
A strong woman needs a man she can trust. She doesn’t want to get bogged down by the drama of a relationship wherein the man can’t be trusted to be on his own. She would rather cut him loose then let all that emotional drama hold her back from her dreams. She also needs a man who can trust her and who won’t bombard her with his insecurities.

3. They need to be respected.

A strong woman is always demanding respect. She is fighting for a cause that is much bigger than herself. She thinks that women have always been blatantly disrespected by society and she is acting as their champion. She knows that she could never tolerate dating a man who can’t respect her, and she will never settle for anything less than she thinks she deserves.

4. They need to maintain their freedom.
If there is one thing an independent woman is never going to compromise for a relationship, it would be her independence. She knows that she has the strength and the intelligence to take on this world on her own, and she doesn’t need a relationship to define her sense of self-worth. If getting into a relationship means her having to give up her freedom to pursue her dreams, then she would have no problems kissing that relationship goodbye.

5. They need a man who can keep pace with them.

A strong and independent woman is always moving forward. She doesn’t tolerate being stagnant at all. She has no time for childish things because she always has her eye on the prize. That’s why it is very important for her to only get into a relationship with a man who is able to keep up with her pace. She can’t afford to let a man just slow her down in her pursuit of her dreams.

6. They need a man who is also strong and independent.
In relation to the previous item, she couldn’t possibly get with someone who just can’t match her brilliance and her character. That’s why she only chooses to be with men who are worthy of being with her. At the very least, she would get with a man with the potential for greater things.

7. They need a relationship with a sense of humor.

Sometimes, she tends to take herself a little too seriously and that’s why she needs a relationship that offers her healthy doses of smiles and laughter. She can’t afford to let herself be too serious because that would deprive her of a life filled with happiness and joy.

8. They need a staunch critic.
A lot of times, a strong and independent woman will get tunnel vision. This means that she will tend to block out everything that isn’t within her peripheral vision. That’s why she is going to need a man who is able to serve as a constructive critic who can offer her a third-party perspective on her life. She needs someone to call her out on her flaws and let her know whenever she isn’t really living up to her potential.

9. They need a man who is well-read and well-informed.

A strong and independent woman is always going to be smart. That’s why she is always going to need a man who can match her intellectual strength. She can’t afford to get into a relationship with someone who is virtually incapable of engaging in a deep and insightful conversation with her about complex topics.

10. They need a man with class and grace.
She needs a gentleman. Nothing less. She is only deserving of the highest standards of chivalry.

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