14 Signs That You Have The Best Boyfriend In The Universe

He’s definitively the best!
1. He doesn’t get upset when you choose to spend time with other people.

He recognizes your freedom and he never wants to make you feel suffocated. He doesn’t want to chain you to the relationship and he will never have a problem with you choosing to hang out with other people. He lets you have a life outside of your relationship.

2. He lets you wear whatever clothes you want.
He respects you enough to acknowledge your freedom of choice and expression. He would never demean or insult you for your clothing choices. He knows that your clothes are a manifestation of your personality, and he loves that about you.

3. He never goes to sleep without fixing an argument with you.
He doesn’t like you to ever end the day on bad terms. He will always try to make amends with you before going to sleep at night. He never likes the feeling of going to bed without fixing whatever arguments or disagreements you two may be having.

4. He makes an effort for your friends to like him.

He knows that your friends are important to you, and so it’s also important for him that your friends like him too. He always makes an effort to integrate himself into your life seamlessly and that includes making your social circles accept him.

5. He takes an interest in your passions and hobbies.
He doesn’t even necessarily have to enjoy the things that you’re passionate about but that won’t stop him from taking an interest in them. He does this because he loves you and he finds you interesting. So whatever manages to pique your interest will also be something he wants to learn more about.

6. He finds new ways every day to express his love for you.
He plans out very elaborate dates. He gives you very meaningful gifts. He tries his best to perform simple gestures every day that he knows would bring a big smile to your face.

7. He makes an effort to include you in major aspects of his life.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s his family life, his social life, or his career, he always wants to make you feel like you’re included. He never wants to shut you out because he acknowledges that you now play a big role in his life.

8. He has no problem swallowing his pride and apologizing to you.
He is never one to shy away from an apology when it is demanded. If he recognizes that he screwed up, he will swallow his pride and willingly apologize to you. He does this because his pride isn’t worth more than what you think of his character.

9. He does his best to never make you feel uncomfortable.

He will always make an effort to make sure that you are always comfortable around him. Your feelings and emotions are very important to him. He has established a deep personal connection with you, and there is nothing that can diminish that connection.

10. He plans for your future together.
He’s not just living in the moment when it comes to you. He has a whole future planned for the both of you because he can’t possibly imagine a life without you. To him, you are more than just a temporary fling or love affair. To him, you are what motivates him to wake up every day and live life.

11. He listens and pays attention to whatever you’re saying.

He’s selfless and thoughtful when it comes to you. He doesn’t want any attention on himself because he thinks that you are most deserving of focus. He always makes sure to pay attention to you and listen to everything that you’re saying. He never takes you for granted and he considers all your thoughts and opinions very important.

12. He makes compromises for you.
While he does have personal goals and dreams, he is still willing to make some compromises here and there for the sake of your relationship. He would rather give up other aspects of his life than to lose you. He knows that you are the kind of girl who is worth making compromises for.

13. He treats you like a real teammate.

Life is a tough battle that each of us have to face. However, we don’t necessarily have to face it alone. This is the philosophy he carries with your relationship. He sees you as a partner with whom he can face life’s toughest challenges. As long as he has you by his side, there is nothing that he could ever be afraid of facing.

14. He has no problem opening himself up to you.
He lets himself be vulnerable and honest because he trusts you enough to do so. He is perfectly at ease with revealing huge bulks of himself to you because he knows that you would never betray him. He values your input and your opinions on his toughest problems.

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