10 Signs That You’ve Found Happily Ever After

found-happy ever after
Have you finally found your forever person?
For a lot of us who are romantically inclined, we make it our life’s mission to find that one person who is able to make our lives whole. We look for the kind of love that we think will give us the happiness that we’ve been craving for the longest time. We are on the constant lookout for that one person who has the ability to right all of the wrongs in our lives; to turn the darkest of days into pure joy and happiness; to bring smiles to a face accustomed to frowns.

Once we do manage to find that one person, we have to make sure to never take it for granted. We must always appreciate love in its fullest capacity because we never know when it might choose to just leave our lives. We must always make the effort to work for the love that we deserve.

So how do we know when we’ve found that love we’ve all been looking for? Here are a few signs.

1. Always respect each other’s opinions even when you argue.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re arguing over the simplest disputes or the most pressing issues concerning your relationship, you still always maintain tact and respect when you are speaking to each other. You always value each other’s opinions because you respect each other as intelligent human beings.

2. You have practically mastered non-verbal communication.

You know each other so well that you are able to communicate with each other without even uttering a single word. All it takes is a few mannerisms and facial expressions for you to really understand each other. You know how to read through each other’s body language like a book because of how close you’ve gotten.

3. You are each other’s best friends.
More than just being romantic partners, you are also each other’s best friends. You serve as your partner’s rock whenever trials and problems arise. You are your partner’s most ardent supporter whenever the time calls for you to be one. You are there for each other through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the good and bad.

4. You are both openly planning for your future.
You are both very comfortable with each other that it has gotten to a point wherein you can no longer imagine a future without the both of you being together. You start planning your future together. You share your plans, dreams, hopes, and aspirations with each other because you always want to be building around your relationship.

5. You always find yourselves wanting to be together.

Yes, we all value our occasional alone time. We all need our solitude every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss other people when we’re alone; particularly the people who mean the most to us. If you are like that with your partner, then you’ve got a good union going. You are both very comfortable with being alone and living your individual lives, but you would always still much rather be together.

6. You are both perfectly comfortable with being yourselves.
You don’t judge each other. You don’t pressure each other to live or act a certain way. You don’t try to force each other to become very different kinds of people. You just let yourselves be who you really are because you know that neither of you will judge the other. You both know each other so well that you’re willing to just let your innermost character come out into the open whenever you’re together.

7. You both exhibit a zeal and passion for making the relationship work.

You both know that you have your problems and that you will always have to be working on your relationship if you want to make it last. You both understand the time and effort it will take to overcome any difficulties that will arise in your relationship but you’re willing to work through them anyway. You both know that what you have is something very special, and all things that are special are always worth fighting for.

8. You push each other to be better people.
You know that it takes two very strong and mature individuals to make the relationship work. You both understand that in order for you relationship to maximize its potential, you both have to continuously work at becoming better people. You push each other to become the best possible versions of yourselves and you never allow the other to settle for mediocrity.

9. You love each other despite the flaws and imperfections.

You are imperfect human beings and so that is why you have an imperfect relationship. However, that doesn’t have to mean that the love you share for each other is also imperfect. You love and value each other so much that the flaws and imperfections don’t really matter much to you.

10. You brighten up each other’s day.
You are each other’s happiness. You always brighten each other’s day and you bring smiles into each other’s lives. You are the reason your partner wakes up every morning and vice versa.

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