If Your Relationship Doesn’t Have These 5 Things, It Probably Won’t Last

Relationships are never easy. Don’t you ever believe anyone who says otherwise. Yes, some relationships may look easier than others, but it’s probably only because these couples already have things figured out. A lot of people will require lots of time and experience before they can really discover what it takes to make a relationship work.

A lot of us have been led to believe that relationships will be just like they are in the movies or in fairy tales. A lot of us are tricked into believing that relationships are simple and that there’s really not much to it. However, reality always has a way of making us learn lessons the hard way. Relationships are never set in stone. There are so many perfect conditions that have to be fulfilled in order for a relationship to have a fighting chance.

A lot of people believe that love alone should be enough to sustain a relationship but that is rarely ever the case. There are plenty of people who still go through harsh and terrible breakups despite the fact that they love each other very deeply. Relationships also require a lot of hard work, sensitivity, effort, commitment, patience, and great timing.

There are plenty of relationships that go down the drain just because there wasn’t enough effort that was put into it. Lots of relationships never get to go all the way just because the timing of the relationship was off. Some relationships don’t last just because of a lack of commitment by the people involved. The point is that relationships are never set in stone and that it would be a mistake for couples to just coast through them.

You should always maintain a healthy dose of introspection when you are in a relationship. Don’t be complacent. Always be sensitive of how your partner feels about you and the relationship in general. Try to always see if there are facets of the relationship that need fixing or that require your attention. You can’t afford to just be nonchalant about your relationship.

In the end, your indifference and apathy could end up exploding in your face and by then, it will be too late for you. So as early as now, stay vigilant. Try to see your relationship from an objective perspective.

There is no particular formula that all couples can follow to ensure the success of their relationship. However, there is a way that couples can improve their chances of having a meaningful long-term relationship. Just make sure that your relationship has these 5 things, and you will be in a good position to go the whole way.

1. Character

A strong and healthy relationship must always have character. All relationships are made of people. All people carry with them very distinct individual personalities. These personalities are what add character to a relationship. If you happen to be in a relationship that suppresses your personality and doesn’t allow you to show your true character, then it’s not going to be a healthy relationship at all. You always have to allow a safe space for couples to be who they really are in the relationship. The best kinds of relationships let true characters and personalities shine.

2. Open Communication

The strongest relationships are those that always maintain open lines of communication between the couples. These are the couples who know that they can be honest with each other about absolutely anything. They aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings and their ideas in a frank and open manner. They always make their partners feel like they are being heard and listened to. These couples never shy away from difficult discussions because they know that their love is strong enough to overcome these awkward talks.

3. Chemistry

Couples that just don’t have chemistry are not going to last very long. All the best couples always require lots of good chemistry. Chemistry is what makes relationships seem easy and natural. They are what enables us to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of another person. Without chemistry, a relationship can feel very forced, unnatural, and inorganic. A lack of chemistry can also result in couples feeling bored and unfulfilled in the relationship.

4. Trust

No relationship could possibly survive without trust. It makes for a very bad emotional environment when couples just don’t trust each other. The best kinds of couples are those who are secure enough in the status of their relationship to trust the other person. These couples trust their partners with their hearts, their souls, and their deepest vulnerabilities. They know that they have partners who would never betray them or hurt them in any manner.

5. Physical Intimacy

It’s a natural part of human nature. It’s a primal instinct. Physical intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship whether people admit it or not. Words can only do so much when it comes to expressing love and affection. Sometimes, the best kind of romantic expression comes in the form of kisses, hugs, and intimate touches. 

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