5 Ways Heartbreak Actually Benefits You, Even Through All The Pain

What did you learn from your last heartbreak?
Getting your heart broken sucks. There’s just no getting around that fact. Plenty of us will hesitate when it comes to falling in love out of fear of getting our hearts broken in the end. A lot of us will put love off for the longest time because we don’t want to open ourselves up to the possibility of getting hurt. It’s a natural self-preservation technique that we have. We don’t want to make ourselves too vulnerable to the point that we give other people the power to hurt us. There are numerous people on the face of this earth who will close themselves off from other people because they fear the perils of heartbreak.

And yet, there are the foolish few who still believe in the power of love. They are the optimists of the world. They are the ones who know that true love is always worth taking a risk for. They willingly expose themselves to the threatening pain and heartaches of broken relationships just for a chance to experience what real love looks like. They know that no matter how true their intentions are; no matter how genuine their love is, they can never really control whether they get hurt or not. Relationships end, and that’s a reality that they willingly accept going into things.

Heartbreak is always looming around the corner and it can strike when we least expect it. It has the power to paralyze people into complete submission. Plenty of people put their lives on hold just so they are able to deal with the trauma of having a broken heart. But people shouldn’t let heartbreaking experience overpower them. People should still realize that there are good things that can come from every situation, even heartbreaks. If people start learning that heartbreaks don’t always have to be all bad, then maybe people would start opening themselves up more. Perhaps people would allow themselves to love more genuinely if they knew that heartbreaks don’t necessarily mean the end of the world.

So this post is for all the people who are too afraid to act because they don’t want to get their hearts broken. This is for all the people who are going through difficult breakups; for those who are picking up the broken pieces of their heart. This is for all the people who think that broken hearts mean the end of life as we know it. Here are a few ways that heartbreaks can actually be good for people.

1. It gives you a healthy dose of much-needed reality.

Sometimes, a lot of us just need a good slap in the face so we can wake up. Plenty of us go into our relationships thinking about smooth sails and happy endings. We buy too much into the hype of fairy tales and Hollywood blockbusters that we think we are entitled to just happy experiences. Heartbreaks are there to bring us down to earth and make us understand that we aren’t entitled to happiness at all. They ground us whenever our heads are too high up in the clouds. 

2. You get exposed to the worst things that life can throw at you.

Our lives are mostly defined not by our victories or even our failures. It’s mostly defined by how we endure the struggles that are thrown our way. Heartbreaks are struggles; no doubt about it. But this way, when we are forced to cope with heartbreak, we really discover what we’re made of as human beings. We are really made to confront our deepest demons and rise up the best way that we can.

3. It drives you to become a better person.
Heartbreaks give us the motivation to actually become better people. We are forced to confront who we really are and what things shape our character. We try to find the flaws in our personality and we try to correct them the way we can. In a way, heartbreaks are what get us started on our path to self-improvement. 

4. You learn how to be more self-dependent.

When a loving and meaningful relationship ends, it can be absolutely devastating. We tend to invest ourselves too much into that relationship and to the person that we’re with. In the end, we may have a tendency to develop a trait of overdependence and reliance on the relationship. When you go through a heartbreak, you have no one else to help you but yourself. You will have to learn how to be more independent and self-reliant. 

5. It gives you the space to accommodate a new love in your life.
Lastly, when you go through a heartbreak, it means that you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of having someone else to help fix you. You are making space in your heart for a new person to come in. You know that despite the pains of heartache, love is always going to be worth it. You maintain the same optimism that you had from the start because you understand the value of having love in your life. 

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