5 Reasons You’re Better Off Staying Single

Staying single is MUCH BETTER than being with someone who’s going to make you feel single.
This isn’t your first time around the track. You’ve been there before and you’ve probably heard it all. People have already told you that love will just eventually come for you when you’re not looking. Maybe your friends have tried to console you by saying that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Some will say that the best kind of love is still ahead of you. A lot of times, though, you know that these are just words that they HAVE to tell you to console you when you’re feeling down after having another failed relationship.

You start to question yourself. You start to question your beliefs. You start to wonder whether you’re really fit for a life of love and relationships. All the heartaches, pains, and failures of the past have given you cause to worry. You try to pick up after yourself. There are pieces of you all over the floor and you start pondering whether it’s worth trying again.

It can be tempting for you to jump right back into the dating pool. It’s normal. Every single one of us in this world crave for love in some shape of form. Why would you be any different? That’s why it would be understandably difficult for you to just take a pause from all this relationship business for the moment and just relax. Especially when you have every one of your friends advertising their relationships right in your social media feeds. You just can’t seem to escape it.

It probably makes you want to blow your brains out. The series of failed relationships have turned you into a desperate person. You have reached a point wherein you’re willing to do anything just to find that love that you think you deserve.

But maybe you should just stop for now. Take a break. Maybe the reason why you’re not finding love is because you’re trying too hard. Maybe you’re doing all the wrong things and you just need to reset the system for a little bit. Maybe your desperation has driven you to the point of just being pathetic. Maybe you should just stop trying to take control of things. Learn to detach yourself from the situation. Gain a better perspective. You never know; this break from the action might just be the reboot that your life needs in order to get over that final hump. Here are a few reasons as to why you should probably take a break from dating for now.

1. You are attracted to the idea of the relationship, but you don’t like the parts that come with it.

You want that #RelationshipGoals that you keep seeing on your social media feeds. You want the love and the flair that you think a relationship can bring into your life. You want to be able to experience the excitement of being in a romantic entanglement with another person. But you’re not particularly enthusiastic about the responsibilities and negative facets of a relationship. You don’t want to be the kind of person who has to compromise in order to please another person. You don’t want to give up your sense of privacy and time. You don’t want to share your life with another person completely. These are things about yourself that you need to adjust if you really want to make a relationship work.

2. You are tired of playing the game.

You are tired of having to follow all the rules and stages of dating. You hate how you have to keep uttering the same lines and using the same moves on different women only to end up unsuccessful once again. Maybe you just need to stop and refresh for a minute. Work on your personality. Start trying to become a better person for now. Stop trying so hard in having other people like you. Work on just liking yourself for the meantime. 

3. You are not emotionally ready to start dating again.

A failed dating venture can be emotionally wrenching. Sometimes, the heartache might take some time before it can heal. It would always be best for you to just refrain from dating while you are still hung up from a previous relationship. You don’t want any emotional baggage to be present if you’re going to start building a relationship with a new person.

4. You have personal goals that you have yet to fulfill.

You have your dreams. You have your goals and aspirations. You have your personal tasks that you need to carry out. Maybe a relationship is just going to derail your progress. You don’t want a bad dating life to just stop your momentum. You can’t afford to risk ruining your life for a bad relationship. Just focus on getting your act together for now.

5. Your life is really good as it is.
Why would you want to mess up a good thing? You have a good thing going on for you and a relationship can just mess things up. If you’re happy now, then just be content with being happy. You don’t always have to be in a relationship just to be happy. Society should rid itself of the notion that single people can’t possibly be happy. 

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