10 Signs that you’re an Excessively Insecure Person

Insecurity can be a very heavy cross to bear. When You’re insecure, you always finding yourself on the outside looking in. You find that you’re in constant need of reaffirmation when it comes to your self-worth.

Deep down, you’re scared about what other people are saying about you and you tend to forget about what you think of yourself. You’re constantly living your life through the lenses of other people because you want them to like what they’re seeing when they look at you. You completely disregard your own perceptions of yourself because your priorities lie with how other people perceive you.

You know that this attitude is unhealthy but you just can’t help it. It comes naturally to you and sometimes, you don’t even notice when you’re being insecure. You can just never find yourself to be comfortable in your own skin and so you’re in a constant state of unease. You feel sorry for yourself and your ill feelings only contribute further to your insecurities. You have to be able to work past your insecurities and learn to be more content with yourself. Heed the signs and perform your own diagnosis.

Try leading a more confident life by being more comfortable with who you are. Here are 10 signs that you’re an excessively insecure person.

1. You have the undying need to control everything.
You can’t even fathom the thought of not having everything under control. You’re unsure about your ability to adapt to new situations and so you always want to have full control. You want to make sure that all variables and parameters are set to your favor so you won’t be placed in compromising positions. You know you would crumble under the pressures of surprise situations.

2. You constantly find yourself lifting your own bench.
You constantly seek validation from others and so you don’t shy away from bragging about your accomplishments when granted the opportunity. You want others to know of how great you are because you feel like their impressions are what actually validate your value in life.

3. You like to point out the flaws in other people.
You use this as a means to deflect from your own personal flaws and weak points. You are always quick to point out the failures and weaknesses of other people’s lives because you just refuse to confront your own shortcomings. In the end, your deflection does nothing to improve any of your own faults, and you’re left in a perpetual state of people-shaming.

4. You always do things that don’t make you happy.
You’re hesitant to change and so you try your best to stick to things despite the fact that they make you unhappy. You also try to stick with things that you know will impress your peers. How they see you is more important to you than how you feel and so if working a crappy job that you don’t love is what you think will impress them, then you stick with it.

5. You have an excuse for all of your shortcomings.
You have a constant excuse for any of your failures and your reluctance to find new challenges. You don’t want to move on to grander opportunities because you’re more comfortable with staying right where you are. You make all sorts of excuses but everyone can see right through you. They all know that you’re just not sure whether you can make it or not.

6. You like to manipulate other people emotionally to bend to your wishes.
You’re an entitled brat who pouts when things don’t go your way. You feel like you always have to compensate when you don’t get what you want by guilt-tripping other people. You think that emotional manipulation is a morally acceptable tool in making you feel better about yourself.

7. You don’t own up to your mistakes.
You just absolutely refuse to be accountable for anything that happens in your life. There’s always someone else to blame. There’s always an unfavorable situation that led to your mistake. All you know is that it’s never your fault. The problem with not being able to face your own shortcomings is that you never come out stronger and better.

8. You’re always chasing perfection.
People who are secure about who they are understand their own imperfections and are content with it. They still try their best at whatever they do but they know that imperfections will always prevail. The perfect state only exists in the mind of insecure people who refuse to accept their own imperfections.

9. You don’t like to work outside your comfort zone.
You always want the variables to work in your favor and so when you’re presented with unfamiliar challenges, you’re left at a loss. You’re insecure about your abilities to face difficult problems, and you might just let the gravity of the moment get the best of you.

10. You exaggerate your own virtues to set you apart from the group.
You always exaggerate the flaws of other people while you oversell your own personal virtues. You want people to believe that you are so much grander than the rest of the world when the truth is the opposite. You’re most likely ordinary and your insecurities are shining their way out of your body.

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