6 Ways To Tell You’re In Love

Are there times when you’re confused about whether They are just a really good friend or you’re in love with them? It isn’t uncommon to be unsure of your feelings in such a situation, especially if falling in love is a rare occurrence in your life. But have no fear! We’ve prepared a list of 6 ways to help you clear your confusion, and figure if you really are in love with them. Keep your fingers crossed!

1) Can’t stop thinking about them.
How long can you stay without thinking about them? If you’re in love, they’ll pop up from just about anywhere into your mind. Anything and everything will remind you of them, and you can’t stop it from happening. If this is the situation in your case, you’re in love for sure.

2) Their opinions make a big difference to you.
Do you wear a particular color because they said it looks good on you? Have you started eating their favorite kind of food? If their opinions matter to you so much that they influence you, they are definitely more important to you than most people.

3) You feel like doing things for them.
Do you voluntarily go out of your way to do things for their convenience? If you notice yourself helping them out with whatever you can, naturally, without them asking you to, there’s definitely something special about them.

4) Accepting them and overlooking their flaws.
Are you in awe of their good qualities to the extent that you overlook their flaws completely? Do the flaws seem negligible and insignificant compared to the things you like about them? This is a clear sign of love, do not ignore it!

5) You try to be the best that you can, when you’re around them.
Do you try to make a good impression every time you can? Are you always trying to be the best that you can when you’re with them? We often try to impress the one we’re in love with by showing them how capable and caring we are, to let them know that we can take complete care of them. So, yes, this is definitely a sign.

6) Talking for hours without getting bored.
Do you talk to them for hours without running out of topics to talk about and without getting bored? Can you talk to them about anything under the sun? If yes, your connection is evident, and they attract you enough to have your complete attention for hours – it can only be love!

Make sure you know that it’s love, and not just a temporary infatuation. Give it time, and look out for these signs. If they match your scenario, you know you’ve found love, buddy!

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