10 warning signs you’re settling for less

Here are ten warning signs to know when you’re settling for less than you deserve:

1.You always seem to find yourself coming up with excuses for their bad behavior, in front of your friends and family. Your friends and family are the people who really love you, the people who are only trying to look out for you at all times, and to protect you from relationships that aren’t worth your time. But no matter what they tell you, no matter how much they explain, you just can’t stop yourself.

You know he/she is always behaving badly. Your friends and family know that they’re always behaving badly. But you still keep on excusing them with things like “They’re just having a bad day” or “That’s just how they get when they’re sleepy”. If the relationship is right for you, you shouldn’t ever have to look for excuses for how they behave and what they say.

2.None of your friends like them. This is always a big red flag. Your friends know what you need in life and if someone was truly making you happy, your friends would love them and even make you feel jealous about how well they can get along.

3.They’re always too busy for you! Okay, I get it. Everyone has a life outside of their relationship. Everyone has work, deadlines, and things to do, people to meet. We all get busy at one point or the other. But if you really want to make time for something, nothing in the world will be able to stop you. It won’t matter how busy you are. If you care, you will make time.

4.They don’t have any goals or dreams in life. This doesn’t mean that your significant other should dream of being President one day or the richest person on this planet, but they should always some sense of direction in life, a purpose, a thing that they’re really passionate about. This purpose, these goals, and these tiny obsessions are what make a person interesting.

5.You always feel like you’re an option to them, and not a priority. They always choose to meet you on their own terms and conditions. And even when you’re together, you feel like they’re distracted, like they’re not really paying attention, and like they’d rather be somewhere else.

6.You never have anything to talk about with them. And you wonder if this is because you’ve known them for so long and you already know everything about them. But there’s a difference between sharing a comfortable silence where you both feel happy and content and being part of an awkward silence all the time where you literally have nothing to discuss.

7.They can always reach you anytime they want but when you really need them, they’re nowhere to be found. Do you really think their phone was on silent since two days?

8.The thought of being with them doesn’t excite you anymore. It doesn’t bring you any happiness. It doesn’t feel like a necessary part of your life. If you’re living together, the thought of going home feels more like a burden than anything else.

9.You always feel jealous of the couples around you. When you see two people acting crazy in love, calling each other cute nicknames, not being able to keep their hands off each other, and confessing all their feelings to each other, you can’t help but wish that you could feel this way with your partner as well.

10.You feel like you’re always waiting. Waiting for them to call on their own. Waiting for them to reply to your messages. Waiting for them to make a plan. Waiting for them to express their feelings. Waiting for them to even change completely. But what exactly are you waiting for? And how long will you wait? When someone really loves you, they would never make you wait.

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