3 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Secretly Unhappy

You have begun noticing small differences in your partner’s behavior and it’s time to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. It’s not a secret that your partner is acting strange lately, but are they really secretly unhappy in your relationship? If you are happy, shouldn’t your partner be happy?

In a romantic relationship, you learn about your partner and can usually pick up on their emotions. There are subtle facial expressions, changes in their tone, and their body language that tell you when they are angry with you. The same is true for signs of depression and unhappiness.

What are the causes of your partner’s unhappiness? Are they unhappy enough to leave the relationship, or is this just a minor depression that they are going through? If they are unhappy with you, why won’t they say something rather than keeping it a secret?

Worrying about the state of your relationship is causing tension for you and your partner might be sensing some as well. Ideally, you will be able to have a conversation about your concerns and whether or not your partner is unhappy won’t be a secret to you anymore.

Well-being and happiness are dependent on a lot of factors, but studies show that being a part of a couple tends to make people happier than being single. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University surveyed 691 people on their relationship status and the quality of their relationships. They concluded that “In general, people appear to feel better about themselves and their lives when they are in a romantic and committed relationship. “

Communication with your partner is important. If you’re not yet ready to have a serious conversation with your partner and you think that your partner is showing any of these 3 warning signs, it is possible they are secretly unhappy.


You find out that your partner has bought a video game console and they have never showed an interest in video games before. Your partner is showing changes in their weight, either up or down. Your partner is dressing in a different or younger style than they used to.

These types of changes can be warning signs that your partner is secretly unhappy and also looking to make a relationship change. Adapting their style, behavior, grooming, or hobbies to someone else’s preferences might be what your partner is doing.

Your partner’s change in behavior might not be a sign of them finding another romantic partner, but clearly they felt the need for a change.

If they are moody, trying to get you to change, spending more time alone or spending more time with other people, you should definitely take it as a warning sign that your partner is secretly unhappy.

Emotional cheating is one way that your partner can withdraw from you. Emotional cheating, cyber cheating, virtual affairs; these are all real possibilities if your partner is not available to you. Your partner is sharing their feelings, thoughts, and attention with someone who is not you.

Many people see this as a betrayal that will lead to the end of a relationship, even if there was no sex involved with the online person involved. Researchers who look at online relationships and real relationship believe that “online relationships have a certain seductive appeal which in some ways could be potentially more damaging to an offline relationship than an offline affair .” The feeling of betrayal comes from knowing that your partner is sharing things with someone else that they did not share with you.

Your partner may also be unavailable emotionally to you. When you ask how they’re doing, they respond with “Fine.” Not wanting to communicate and the lack of emotional connection to you are warning signs that your partner is secretly unhappy.

Insomnia is a common sign of depression. Not being able to sleep can also be a sign of anxiety. Not being able to sleep through the night or waking up multiple times during the night is another sign of depression, As a result of the lack of sleep, your partner may have a lack of energy.

One study found that bad sleep affect relationship quality and vice versa; a bad relationship affects sleep quality. If either of you are dealing with chronic fatigue, it can impact your work, family, mental and emotional life.

Sleeping on the couch or in the guest bedroom is another troubling warning sign. Your partner is signaling that they need space. It is also possible that their feelings toward you have changed and the intimacy of sleeping together is uncomfortable to your partner.

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