25 Signs You Suffer From Low Self-Respect

I certainly have. We develop self-respect when we are sure of our identities. We grow it by accepting others and choosing to love ourselves – even in the face of imperfection. When we are young, our self-respect is easily shaken. We make choices we’re not proud of. We encounter people who try to bring us down – and we let them. With time and personal reflection, however, our sense of self-respect can become stronger.


1. You allow other people to make important choices for you. You follow their advice even when you disagree with it.
2. You have trouble forgiving yourself after you make a mistake.
3. You don’t let anyone know when you are struggling emotionally. You put on a happy face and go about your work.
4. You tell lots of small lies to gain acceptance.

5. You are always doing things you don’t enjoy with people you don’t respect.
6. You don’t trust your gut feelings.
7. You won’t try something new unless you’re sure you can do it well.
8. You have a history of allowing friends and loved ones to treat you poorly.

9. You dress to blend in. You don’t wear things that you love, because you’re afraid of what people would say.
10. You seek freedom and fun, but reject any responsibility that comes with it.
11. You gossip excessively.
12. You adopt the political views that are expected of you, rather than forming your own.

13. You don’t take good care of your body, your home, or other things that are important to you.
14. You avoid worthwhile experiences because you are afraid to fail. For example, you may decline a dream job because you are afraid you won’t be able to do the work.
15. You don’t stand up for people who are being picked on. You may even participate in the bullying or gossip to fit in.
16. You don’t tell your loved ones when they have hurt you. You feel like there’s something wrong with you for feeling hurt.

17. You over-indulge in drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or food.
18. You feel very angry. You can’t quite articulate why.
19. You spend too much time on social media.
20. You strive to live up to the expectations your parents, boss, friends, or significant other have set for you. You consider these to be your goals and aspirations.

21. You don’t exercise. You’re afraid you’ll look stupid and not be able to keep up.
22. You care deeply about hitting life milestones based on society’s expectations. You feel anxious when you “fall behind” in comparison to your friends.
23. You don’t feel justified in taking time for self-care. It feels overly indulgent.

24. You feel devastated when someone doesn’t like you.
25. You are constantly judging others. You can’t help it. You can always find a fault.

Did you see yourself in this list? If so, don’t beat yourself up. Build yourself up. There are plenty of ways to build your sense of self-respect. It all starts with discovering who you truly are. Know yourself, love yourself, and learn to be yourself with your whole heart. You’ll be in wonder at the life you start to live.

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Source: unisoultheory.com