If These 11 Things Happen, You Need To Give Up On Your Relationship

Relationships are hard, especially if you’re trying to make something work that clearly isn’t.
Some people just do not know when to pull the plug.
Many people convince themselves to think that the same argument or mistake won’t ever happen again. They think they can change the person they’re with, but in reality, you should never want to change them.

There are a lot of reasons people become ignorant to certain things in their relationship that can be early signs that they need to let go of that person.
Here are 11 of them:

1. You’re only physically attracted to the person.
If there is no mental attraction, you need to get out of there as soon as possible.
You don’t want to be with someone who makes you feel like your IQ is decreasing each time you have a conversation with them.

2. You feel like you’re always the one asking to hang out.
Like that saying goes, “the phone works both ways.”
Do not always be the one texting them to do things; they need to show effort. No effort, no care.

3. Your friends don’t like the person you’re with.
Your friends’ opinions might not matter to you, but I am sure their presence in your life does.
Don’t have that relationship that creates such a toxic environment that your friends avoid hanging out with you.

4. The person you’re with has not benefited you in anyway, nor do they motivate you to be a better you.
They don’t give you constructive criticism, nor do they encourage you to do better in school or succeed in a new job.

5. You don’t do anything exciting.
You don’t need to go to dinner every night at a fancy place. But you do need to just explore, take walks and even try new festivals instead of “Netflix and chilling.”

6. You feel as if you can never tell them how you really feel because they always take it personally.
They should be your escape, your outlet for you to be as unfiltered as you want.
And if they can’t hear you out, you need to boot them out.
“And if they can’t hear you out, you need to boot them out.”

7. You can’t consider them a best friend along with being your SO.
You spend a lot of time with this person, and if you still can’t call them your best friend, then you just wasted a lot of time where you could’ve been eating tacos with your real BFFs.

8. They don’t show you off and make you feel as if you’re lucky to be with them.
You don’t always have to put them in your Snapchat or Instagram. Just a nice, “Hs is my person and they’re great” every once in a while is all a person needs.

9. You feel like it’s always a competition.
“Oh, you just got a new job, funny because I just got my bonus.”
Sorry, but no. You run together, not apart.

10. They expect things from you.
If your girl is relying on you for things, then you cut her off and block her. She doesn’t like you, she likes you what you give her.

Ladies, and if your guy expects you to be a basic housewife and listen to every word he says, you tell him listen to this and peace the fuck out.

11. You are not physically comfortable with them.
You should feel like you are able to gain 100 pounds, and this person you’re with will still look at you the way Drake and Rihanna look at each other.

Trust me, one day that person will come along who will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world, that you can do anything you put your mind to.
Even if it takes a long time, don’t you dare settle for less than you deserve.

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Source: Elite Daily