There Are 4 Types Of Cheaters — Could You Be One Of Them?

Cheating is a pretty rotten thing to do basically any way you slice it.
Most articles about cheaters focus on getting out of a cheating relationship or learning how to spot a cheater in your partner.
But what if you’re the cheater?

If you’ve ever cheated on your partner, if you’re thinking about cheating in the future, or if you’re cheating right now, it might not be as once-in-a-lifetime as you think.
You could be one of these types of “Classic Cheaters,” and there could be underlying reasons for why you do it. Check it out:

1. The “Oops, I Did It Again” Cheater
If you’re this type of cheater, it’s never your fault. You may have even convinced yourself of this.
Instead, you always seem to be “accidentally” falling into these situations where you end up flirting, sleeping around, or starting up relationships with other people. Often, you’ll say the other person seduced you or tricked you into it.

Another trope of this type of cheater is that it happens over and over with no end in site. If you are this cheater, you need to reexamine your willpower as well as the person you’re supposed to be in a relationship with. Do you really want to be with them?

2. The “Never Admits It” Cheater
This type of cheater will never, ever admit they’ve done anything wrong. Which is truly amazing when you think about it because sometimes these guys and girls actually get caught in the act and they still won’t admit they’ve cheated. If this is you, all we can say is, face the facts.

From afar, friends and family members will tell the person who was cheated on to leave that no-good, rotten cheater once and for all! But the fact that the cheater won’t admit fault can be very confusing for the other person, and they may end up staying with the cheater for far too long.

3. The “True Love” Cheater
This cheater may be just a one-time offender. In other words, they’re with someone in a relationship (and they may even be happy) but then they meet someone who they fall deeply for.

New and even lifelong relationships have sprung from this type of affair. Maybe “the one that got away” comes back into your life or you meet someone new who you just click with on so many levels.
This type of cheating can be the most painful for everyone involved.
If you’re in this sort of situation, it’s important to make a choice and definitely start being honest with both parties.

4. The “Just Wants Good Sex” Cheater
Sex is an important part of any relationship. We all know this. But sometimes, sex seems to slow down in long-term relationships or marriage. This doesn’t mean the two people don’t care for and love each other—it just happens sometimes.
Unfortunately for some partners, not having sex is not a possibility.

Therefore, this type of cheater will look for sex outside the relationship. It is very possible that they won’t sleep with anyone they truly care about, and they’ll likely continue to have deep feelings for their partner. But they want sex enough to go out and get it when it’s not happening at home.
Again, here it’s important to be honest with your partner.

5. The “On Their Way Out” Cheater
In our eyes, cheating is never good. It hurts people, and it’s not honest. But the truth is, sometimes people cheat when they want out of a relationship and simply don’t know how to break it off.

Cheaters who are “on their way out” find someone (sometimes anyone) and start up an affair. True feelings are not always involved, but subconsciously, they want their lies to be inevitably exposed so they don’t have to go through the heart-wrenching experience of sitting their partner down … spilling their true feelings … and breaking up with them.

In hindsight, this form of cheating doesn’t make much sense, but people do it, and if you’re doing it … once again … just be honest. Cheating to get out of a relationship is so much messier than just telling the truth.

Are You One Of These Classic Types Of Cheaters?
If so, maybe this has given you some insight into why you’re cheating. And we hope it’s woken you up a bit too.

Cheating never ends well—this we can say with confidence. Yes, perhaps you find your true love while you’re currently with someone else. It’s possible.
But in an ideal situation, if this happens, you’re able to be truthful with your partner and make a clean and honest break.

Take the high road, and you might actually patch things up, find a great partner you deserve, and feel like a decent person in the end.

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