Don’t Mistake These 7 Things For Love

When you finally experience love, the feeling will be unmistakable.
However, if you’ve never felt it before, then it’s easy to assume that you’re in love when you aren’t.
What you’re feeling might actually be lust, comfort, or something entirely different.
In order to save you from heartbreak, here are a few things that you shouldn’t mistake for love:


The feeling an orgasm gives you is intense, which is why some people might mistake amazing sex for love.
Of course, those two things don’t go hand-in-hand.
You might have horrible sex with the love of your life and you might have mind-blowing sex with a complete stranger.
Try going a few days without sleeping with your partner and see if you still feel the same about him or if your emotions are just physical.


You’ve probably dealt with your fair share of jerks in the past.
That’s why it can feel so refreshing when you finally meet a nice guy who listens to your stories and buys you flowers on your birthday.
However, if you find a guy like this, you might like the idea of him more than you actually like him.
Don’t let his niceness distract you from the rest of his personality.


The love you feel for your friends should be different than the love you feel for your boyfriend.
If you enjoy hanging out with your boyfriend and joking around with him, but don’t have any desire to kiss him or spend the rest of your life with him, then you might not actually be meant to date him.
He might just be a really good friend.


One of the biggest reasons why unhappy couples stay together is because they’re comfortable together and don’t want to change their lives.
While it’s exciting to find someone that you’re comfortable sitting in silence with, and comfortable being weird around, it doesn’t mean that you should be dating them.
If you’re unhappy, you have to be brave and put an end to it.


It’s easy for your crushes to get out of hand.
However, staring at a boy from afar and constantly daydreaming about him doesn’t mean that you’re in love with him.
How well do you even know him?
If you two have never even spoken, you’re probably not in love.
You’re just infatuated.


When a man finds you attractive, it can give you a major confidence boost.
Of course, enjoying the attention he gives you doesn’t mean that you love him.
It just means that you love the way that he makes you feel.
Anyone could make you feel that way, which means it can’t be love.


Missing someone doesn’t mean that you love them.
It’s normal to wish that you were back together with your ex on lonely nights, but that doesn’t mean you should actually act on your feelings.
You’re broken up for a reason.
Missing him doesn’t mean you’re meant to be with him.

It’s easy to mistake these things for love, so you need to be careful.
You don’t want to use the “L” word unless you really mean it.
Have you ever mistaken any of these things for love?

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