8 Qualities A Strong Women Should Look For In A Man

strong women
You’d think that strong women would want an alpha male, right? They’d be a perfect match for each other since they are both hardworking, intelligent, go getters and strong willed. But, this may not be necessarily true. Both alpha males and females are competitive and there’s a high chance this might interfere with what’s best for their relationship.

Since it would take a lot for two alphas to make a relationship work, it would only make sense if the alpha female got into a relationship with a submissive man, also known as an omega. The omega would let the woman take the lead in the relationship. He would agree with the alpha woman’s decisions all the time. Sounds like the perfect combination, right? Wrong! Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking…opposites attract but in this case it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Strong women don’t need a submissive man or an alpha male. What they need is a combination of qualities in a man. Here are some of the qualities you should be looking for in a man if you are an alpha female

He should give you room to grow

As an alpha female, you prefer to tackle your problems head on. You don’t have time for whining and complaining about your problems. You also know that in order to grow and achieve your goals you need your space. Your man should give you enough room to chase after your dreams.

He knows when to have your back

Strong women need help every once in a while. A man dating an alpha woman should know when his woman needs him to step in and help her. And even when he offers a helping hand it should be to give her inspiration to find a solution not to solve the problem for her. That’s the key to balancing a relationship.

He shouldn’t get intimidated

You should look for a man who celebrates your success instead of getting jealous or intimidated by it.     When you are at the office party and guys start hitting on you, he shouldn’t start acting like a raging bitch because he knows you have limits and boundaries. He knows the last thing you would do is to leave him for some office flirt.

He doesn’t mind teaching you and learning from you

Of course as an alpha female you like teaching. You are your own boss; a leader. But you need to also be humble and willing to learn from your man. Besides, you don’t know everything.

He isn’t afraid to call you out

You might be the head bitch in charge but when you do some b.s he doesn’t like, he won’ be afraid to tell you. You can scream about your incompetent assistant all you want but when you start screaming at him, he will call you out. More importantly, he knows how to handle you at your worst.

He should have his own goals

The last thing you need in your life is a man without ambition. He shouldn’t just sit there and wait for you to achieve your goals and dreams; he too should be working on his own success. He shouldn’t just concentrate on being a sidekick to your big life plans.

He should be able to handle your assertiveness

Strong women are not as nurturing or sensitive as we all would like. They are not heartless or robotic either. But for a man to have a successful relationship with an alpha woman, he needs to have some thick skin. In short, he has to be able to handle your blunt nature.

He knows when to drop it and when to address it

When a guy knows he is right he will stand his ground but when he is wrong, he will acknowledge it and apologize. He knows that you are strong willed and there are bound to be differences in opinion from time to time. But he should be smart enough to know which issues to pursue and which ones to drop.

Strong women are terribly misunderstood and it might be a challenge for them to find the right man for them. But when they find a man with all the qualities mentioned here, they treasure him dearly.

Source: JourneysOf A Woman