12 Signs Your Relationship is Failing

Think your relationship is failing but you’re not sure? Below is a list of signs depicting a failing relationship. Read carefully and take action accordingly if needed.

1. You’re always bickering.
It seems like all you do is look for reasons to fight with them. Big or small, it doesn’t matter because it always ends in a huge conflict. The fighting is taking over your lives. It’s like every time you try to communicate, you end up fighting with each other.

2. You don’t talk about the future.
If you suddenly go from discussing your future together to avoiding the discussion at all, then it’s showing a serious lack of interest to carry the relationship any further. Try to fix this by reopening the conversation again. If it’s just fatigue or work related stress, talking about a happier future with your partner, even if it’s silly like living in eco-friendly housing, it can help lighten the mood and reopen the discussion.

3. You avoid each other.
If it seems like you don’t have time for one another, that you’re too busy with something, the worst part can be that you don’t appear to mind not seeing each other often. If you’re actively looking for reasons not to see each other, or you spend more time with friends and family, anything to avoid being together, this is a definite danger sign.

4. No more cuddles.
If affection has died down or it’s non-existent, the pecks on the cheek and the cuddling are gone, then this is a huge problem. The greater the distance between you physically, the more it increases emotionally as well.

5. All about you.
When “we” starts going out of the picture and it’s “me” again, it’s a sign that you and your partner are no longer including each other in anything, then that’s a huge indicator that your attachment to each other is gone. Again, if you’d rather spend time alone than with them, it’s a sad sign your relationship is failing.

6. Distance keeps growing.
The times you would be very attentive, always texting, calling, Skyping, Instant Messanger, emailing has come to an end. Now only one of you is planning outings while the other most often finds reasons to flake out on them.

7. Things aren’t good in the bedroom.
The physical attraction has waned, or it’s nonexistent. The lack of sex shows the lack of attraction you have for each other, which is one of the major signs of a failing relationship.

8. You’re not happy.
This one’s pretty obvious. If your relationship is the source of more depression and dissatisfaction than joy, if you’re not excited just to be around them again, then something very wrong.

9. The negative outweigh the positive.
Everybody has flaws, but when you love someone, you choose to look past them and concentrate on their good qualities. When their flaws start overshadowing their positive aspects, then the relationship is really in trouble, since little things are going to lead to arguments more often.

10. You start noticing other people.
This is another major sign. If you’ve lost interest in your partner, then it’s natural for you to be attracted to other people instead. When this happens, you know your relationship is doomed, and you should get out of it NOW before you end up doing something you’ll regret!

11. Constant criticism.
If you’re constantly criticizing each other, either to your faces or behind their backs, then it just leads to more fighting. Negative words without constructive criticism, without tempering it with affection, leaves no room for either of you to grow. It’s not good for either of you so you should call it quits and save yourselves the misery.

12. Listen to your gut.
In the end, you know yourself more than anyone, and when something feels off, it probably is. Go with that feeling and trust your instincts.

There’s never a time when you need to hold onto something when you know it will just become destructive. All the hope and faith in the world can’t save a relationship where both parties aren’t willing to work on their problems. And it’s hard to fix things once they are broken.

People drift apart. This is natural and if it happens to you, don’t fight if there’s nothing to fight for. The only time to try and save a relationship is when you’re both willing to change, and you can both look back and see something worth saving. If not, then it’s time to move forward, for both your sakes.

Source: Fed Up With Your Lies And Cheating