Six Early Warning Signs That Your Relationship Might Be In Trouble

warning signs-relationship-Couple in trouble
Everyone knows that there are no guarantees when it comes to relationships, but there are definitely some early warning signs that may help you determine if your relationship is in trouble.  Here we list some of those warning signs, if you catch them early enough you might be able to turn things around.

– You constantly think about your ex

Have you been thinking about your ex lately? Do you think about all the good times you shared together? Are you secretly hoping that maybe there’s still a chance of working things out.  If this is the case you may need to end the relationship you are currently in and do whatever it takes to close the door on your previous relationship. Just remember your relationship ended for a reason.

– You have absolutely nothing in common

They say opposites attract, but you need to have something in common.  If you don’t have shared interest in any outside activities, then you will have much less to talk about during down times in your relationship.  Successful relationships take a lot of work and having nothing in common can cause you to drift apart very quickly.

– Not Maintaining Your Separate Identities

There should be a balance between shared activities and those you experience on your own. You must maintain your own identity, or one partner will start to feel suffocated.  Especially if you rely solely on them for your happiness.  In a healthy relationship everyone needs their own “me time.”  This not only helps maintain your own identity, but gives your partner a chance to miss you.

– You’re the Last to Know

Think how you would feel if you were talking to one of your friends and they asked you how your partner’s new job is going.  And you had no idea that your partner had changed jobs. Your relationship is on shaky ground if you constantly find that you’re the last person to know about things going on in your relationship.  Once your partner no longer values your opinion or takes your feelings into consideration when making major decisions, they have one foot out the door.  If nothing else this will most likely lead to arguments and fights that may eventually end the relationship.

– Person Hygiene Takes a Back Seat

Just because you are no longer in the dating phase of your relationship, is no reason to neglect your appearance.  Not only does this tell your partner that you no longer care what he or she thinks about how you look, it says a lot about how much you value yourself.

It’s great that you feel comfortable enough around your partner and can be yourself but that doesn’t mean you can wear dirty or torn clothes on your dates.  Not washing your hair, dirty fingernails, funk, or waiting until noon to brush your teeth will kill a relationship in no time flat.

– You Look For Distractions Instead of Talking About Issues

If the television comes on whenever you have a problem, or suddenly you have to make an important phone call, your relationship is likely destined to end in a breakup. People that care about each other take the time to handle issues head-on instead of trying to avoid them or conveniently finding outside distractions.

Take these warning signs seriously and turn things around.

Source: Journeys Of A Woman