5 Steps in Forming a Strong and Healthy Relationship

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How many times have you wondered if he is the right one for you, if he is your “one and only?” Many ask themselves this question when dating. We all are looking for a relationship that is strong and healthy. The kind that means you have both put in the needed effort and time to create a healthy romantic twosome.  The following are key traits you will find in most strong and healthy relationships.


This quality is of great importance. Respecting your partner’s heart, character, time and trust helps in maintaining a happy and joyous relationship. If your current partner starts name calling, talking negative, judging, threatening to leave if he doesn’t get his way, he does not appreciate you as the strong and loving woman you are. He is not showing the respect you deserve or require to make the relationship work.


To get your thoughts and desires across; communication is one of the most crucial qualities in any relationship. However, to communicate effectively is hard because sometimes we do not know how to express ourselves in a healthy manner. If you want to establish a good, strong relationship, then you must learn how to communicate without being negative, degrading, or offensive.

To grow as a couple; both partners must be able to listen and truly talk about any and all issues without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Communication is a pivotal key to a healthy relationship.


If you do not trust your partner, then the relationship will be stressful and go nowhere. Trusting your partner may be difficult, especially if you have been hurt in the past. You must be willing to open up and show your partner that you trust that he won’t cheat or hurt you in any manner. If you have chosen a partner to be with, then hopefully it means he has put in the effort to making you feel loved, comfortable and safe. This means he has opened up to you because you make him feel these same emotions.  Keep in mind, the moment trust is gone, then so is the relationship.


Letting your partner know you appreciate everything they do for you, and that you don’t take them for granted is of great importance. Showing appreciation doesn’t take much, it can be done with words, cards, notes, flowers, even a simple kiss that can say “I see you.” These are small but, very effective methods of letting your partner know you are aware of them and that the little things they do does not go unnoticed. You both must remember to show how special you are to each other and to reiterate your love.  Ninety percent of the time it’s the little things that we do in a relationship that mean the most.  Ladies, you know what I mean.


YES!!!! Let’s discuss sex.  Kinks, fantasies without reservation or being scared of being judged for what might interest you, is essential to cultivating a flourishing relationship.  You must be able to COMMUNICATE your desires with your partner to be satisfied in and out of the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment within your comfort zone. However, you must also learn how to let go and step out of your comfort zone to find what you might be missing. This can only be achieved with a partner you TRUST completely to not judge or ridicule you.

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Source: Journeys Of A Woman