4 Tips for a Drama Free Relationship

Who likes drama in their relationship? Too much of it often leads to a breakup and leaves you wondering what you could have done differently. The whole point of being in a relationship is happiness and romance. Below are 4 tips to keep the drama out, and welcome all that good love has to offer.

Separate Yourself from Social Media

Separating yourself doesn’t mean deleting all your accounts because you’re with someone but a healthy distance is important. We all love to post, like, and comment but it shouldn’t cause issues. Social media has two purposes. One is business and the second and most important is staying connected with those close to you, but don’t get wrapped up in the random attention from followers. Also, avoid sharing too much about your relationship, stay away from premature relationship status changes and if possible, steer clear of the exes.

Learn When to Shut Up

When tensions are high and the two of you are going back and forth, prevent the argument from escalating by learning when to be quiet. Egos often keep people talking along with the urge to be right. The problem is, everything said is likely to add fuel to the fire so instead, diffuse the situation by shutting up. You never want to go silent and walk away because that often irritates people more. So use your communication skills to diffuse and then walk away so there’s a cooling off period. Chances are, the two of you will utilize that away time to solve the problem without drama.  Most of all, you will not be left regretting something you said.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Starting an argument over insignificant things causes unnecessary drama in a relationship. The most common and trivial events that tend to go bad really fast including catching him/her checking someone else out, trying to decide where to eat or the very popular argument over directions. As for the first event, everyone looks and you know you do too. It doesn’t indicate a wandering eye or dissatisfaction in a relationship so don’t take it as an insult or sign of disrespect. Now for the last two, come on people! Who cares where you eat and hello, that is what GPS is for.

Keep Family and Friends Out

A relationship is between two people, no one else. Once family and friends get too involved, trouble ensues. It all comes down to respect and discussing private personal business with someone else is a problem. You also don’t want social influences to play a part in your romance.  The less people who know your business, the less people you’ll have giving you unsolicited advice.

Problems that occur in your relationship should be handled between you and your partner by communicating with each other.  I’m not saying you can’t discuss certain issues with a trusted close friend or family member. I’m saying the fact that your boyfriend is having problems in bed shouldn’t be posted on Facebook.

Source: Journeys Of A Woman