10 Signs Of True Love

10-signs-of-true love
True love doesn’t just happen the way many people think of it. If you want to really know if your relationship is characterized by true love, you may consider taking a look at these top ten true love signs of relationship.
If you’re in a relationship and aren’t experiencing these true love signs, don’t fret. Perhaps, your relationship hasn’t reached the state of emotional maturity that surpasses physical attraction or the stage of infatuation.

It is possible to see someone for the very first time and the person make your heart skip, then you fall into the popular believe of love at first sight which is not a real love but infatuational kind of love. This kind of love in not real because it’s a strong surge of emotional and sexual emotions that overwhelm you.

Take your time and test the waters. You can’t fall in love with someone by forcing yourself into the relationship. If it’s not working out, try to understand each other better. And if nothing you do can bring happiness back into love, perhaps both of you would be better off dating other people.

Before you can begin to experience relationship success, you need to take it slowly and that is when true love character will begin to manifest in your love and relationship life. When you experience true love with someone, your primal instincts and behaviour change only towards this person. True love transcends typical human behaviour. It makes you a better human being towards a special someone.
Here are the 10 signs of true love:

1) It’s about both of you, it’s not about the others.

You know how people love to give their opinions about relationships. Undoubtedly family and friends have their words of wisdom about your relationship too. If you can withstand their comments and the relationship is not impacted by them, all the better! That is a sign of relationship strength and staying power! If you both think in terms of “we” rather than you and me, that’s a sign of true love. It means you are a couple and act as a unit. Remember the old saying, there is no “I” in team. If you find yourself saying things like “we think…we did…we went…we want,” then you definitely have a “we” thing going on—and that’s great!

2) You are honest to each other.

Do you find yourself keeping secrets from your partner? That’s a sure sign he or she is not the one. When it’s true love, you should find yourself wanting to share everything. Opening up the fire hydrant of your heart and gushing out your most closely guarded sources of pride and shame. And on a daily basis, you should want your beloved to know what you’re up to; whom you’re seeing, emailing and texting; what you’re thinking and feeling. Your love is made simple and true by being honest.

3) Your relationship helps you to be self confident.

Don’t fall in love, or think you’re in love, just because you want to find yourself. Your identity is not to be someone’s other half‒it’s to be yourself! Don’t get so swept up in your partner that you become them. You don’t need to be the number one fan of their favorite band or read all the books they read. Keep your interests and hobbies and you’ll be more interesting to, and interested in, your partner. You must love yourself before you can love anyone else. Be comfortable with yourself, even when you’re having a bad day. Know who you really are, deep down inside, and know what you want to do with your life. Being in love with yourself and having your life on track are not only incredibly self-satisfying, they’re really attractive qualities to a partner.

4) You love them for who they are.

As your relationship blossoms, you will see your partner shed some of their outer petals and alongside their good looks, great sense of humour and general brilliant personality, you will also start to see their flaws. This is because you recognise them as a real human being and none of us are perfect! If you insist that your loved one is perfect, then you have a real problem. But if you’re comfortable admitting that your loved one can be a bit selfish or isn’t the world’s greatest listener, then you have a more realistic perspective on the relationship and are much more likely to be in love for real.

5) You respect each other.

If both the partners respect each others feelings and views then you cannot expect for anything better. Respect comes naturally for the ones you love. If your partner respects you, you are ready to go ahead with each other.

6) You both try for your relationship.

Comes with most great results in life but both of you need to be putting in the effort to keep the spark alive and understand one another. Know what pushes each other’s buttons and work to not do that.

7) You know how to really forgive.

How can a word that rolls so easily off the tongue be so difficult to practice? Forgiveness is that healing gel which enables couples to survive their battles. Forgiveness doesn’t denote weakness. Rather, it represents strength. Forgiveness is the fortitude to not necessarily forget, but to overlook trespasses and act in an unvindictive manner. The virtue that is forgiveness embodies selflessness, humility, and love, all harmoniously packaged together.

8) You like spending time together.

You want to spend time together, and don’t find yourself looking for excuses to be alone or spend time with other people instead. You are happy just sitting together reading a paper.

9) You have the same core life values.

Do you have similar spiritual, moral, or ethical beliefs? Of course, if you both have lukewarm spiritual beliefs, then it may not matter if they’re in opposition…but if you follow your faith faithfully, you’ll need to address it sooner or later. Infatuation and love addiction ignores spiritual differences; true love makes your spirituality stronger.

10) You feel safe with him/her.

Regardless of the gender of your partner, he or she should always make you feel secure and protected. Your soul mate will make you feel like you have a guardian angel by your side. A person who plays on your insecurities, whether consciously or subconsciously, is not your soul mate.

Source: Thinking Humanity