5 Signs that you are in a Very Comfortable Relationship

So there you are: you meet someone special that you want to develop a relationship with. In the beginning, the relationship is all about putting your best foot forward and making the best impressions that you can. Then comes a time when you really start to open up and really start to get comfortable.

With that comfort comes those all-too-human behaviors that would have mortified us at the beginning of the relationship. With great comfort, comes an understanding that we are all human and sometimes humans do gross stuff. Here is a list of signs that the relationship you are in maintains a very high level of comfort, which is a wonderful, beautiful, rare thing.


Women will do everything they can to convince a man that they do not produce gas. Yes, even that girl you dated that loves spicy Indian food. Ladies, this is medically impossible. As men, we get it – everyone farts. As you become more comfortable in a relationship and spend time together, it is bound to happen. The upside for you, ladies, is that there is a good chance that your man will probably think it is the funniest thing ever. Unless you are in a car together and you lock the windows. That is just not cool.

Men, the breaking of the “fart barrier” is a delicate thing. Women aren’t going to find it as funny as we find their farts. True story. The best approach here is to create subterfuge for the passing of gas, like ruffling a newspaper or coughing. Gauge her reaction. If she runs for the door screaming, you might have misjudged your timing. Again, part of being comfortable with someone is being realistic.


Men, you need to understand what a pain in the ass shaving is for a woman. Sure, when you are first getting together and there is an expectation for intimate encounters, the ladies want to put that best foot forward by being all smooth and groomed. Understandable. But after a while, you just need to be cool with the fact that you might encounter some stubble. You might encounter more than stubble in the fall and winter. We are mammals, we grow hair. Get over it. Ladies, on the same token, understand that even the most intense Star Wars fans don’t want a sexual encounter with a Wookie. Men, that goes for you as well. A maintenance trim every now and again is only fair.


In the early stages of a relationship, it seems like your partner never uses the restroom. There is nothing that goes on in there that two budding lovers would ever want to discuss. Especially if you are dating that girls that loves spicy Indian food from #1. Men will do silly things like turning on a faucet to cover any noises that might come from behind that closed, locked bathroom door. At some point in a relationship that door quits getting locked. Then it doesn’t even get closed. This isn’t a bad thing. It just means that you are comfortable with someone. This is especially prevalent when people start cohabitating.


Mornings are weird in relationships in their developmental phase. Women will try to sneak out of bed to “put themselves together” just to avoid having a man see her without makeup with crazy morning breath. Morning breath is a natural part of life, just like bed head, no makeup, and eye boogers. When you love someone, waking up with them is a blessing, no matter how funky they might be. Worst case scenario, just keep some gum on the nightstand.


Again, as a relationship develops we get more realistic with each other. All of the sudden, things like talking about your period aren’t weird. If you are dating a man who doesn’t understand the dynamics of the female menstrual cycle, buy him a 6th-grade health book. Ladies, if you shower with your man, understand that as soon as water hits our skin – we need to pee. It happens, don’t get weird about it.

In the end, we all want to be loved for exactly who we are. That’s what makes achieving a high level of comfort in a relationship so beautiful. Remember, being realistic about your partner, their body, and the fact that we are essentially smart, hairless monkeys is the key.

Source iheartintelligence.com