Simple Tips to be a More Affectionate Partner

Affection is a physical expression of feelings which is a must in a relationship. Being affectionate with your partner can help both of you gain a deeper level of intimacy in your relationship. Research has proven that higher rates of physical affection are directly correlated to relationship satisfaction. Being more affectionate in your relationship tends to make you both more comfortable with one another, as well as bring you closer together. Here are few tips to be a more affectionate partner.


Physical affection is a must for a healthy relationship because it releases feel-good hormones. According to a recent study, being affectionate “has a beneficial influence on multiple stress-sensitive systems.”


Physical affection, like hugs from partners, helps in lowering blood pressure for women. So far, the study has not conducted for men.


Physical affection is said to lower stress levels by lowering the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol.


* Back-rubs
* Massages
* Caressing
* Stroking

* Cuddling
* Holding
* Hugging

* Holding hands
* Kissing on the lips
* Kissing on the face

Making eye contact while you are cuddling or holding hands can increase oxytocin hormone levels.


Holding hands can create a sense of intimacy and bond between a couple. When you go for a walk with your partner hold his/her hands. It is easy and cements your bond and it’s the easiest and effective way to exhibit your affection. Never hesitate to hold their hands in public it is romantic and is also a great sign of affection.


In today’s busy world, it might be difficult to spend a lot of quality time with your partner, but you could put it on your schedule. After returning from work you can watch TV together, which is a good time for a simple snuggle-fest, being warm and loving to your partner can make them feel a genuine affection towards you.


Random kisses are always a good thing, kiss your partner when it’s least expected. Kiss like you mean it. The back of the neck is a great place for these unexpected kiss. This increases the affection that your partner has for you, this makes them realize how much you love them.


A healthy communication is a must for maintaining a healthy relationship. If you want more affection from your partner, maintain a healthy communication. Increase the verbal affection by texting them with quotes like ‘I love you or I miss you’ when they are away. When you send them a text, add an ‘I Love You’ at the end. Make your partner understand how much you love them by means of your words, this will increase the affection to a greater extent. Verbal affection is much more important when you are in a long distance relationship.


Compliments are the keys that unlock affection which strengthens a relationship. Tell them how beautiful they are, tell them you are happy to have them. Never take them for granted because a simple compliment will help them realize how far a little affection can go. Compliment them every day, it will make them feel more fulfilled.


Give good greetings when they return from work greet them with a smile in your face, never ignore them, when they do something for you say thank you, express your appreciation in a few sentences. It’s an easy way to make your relationship more affectionate.