7 Things Wise Women Don’t Demand From Their Partners

Many women think that men owe them something. This is not a wise approach. It’s this approach to relationships that can be ruinous for maintaining trust and mutual respect. But a lot of women only realize this when it’s too late.
We want to make sure as many people as possible gain important insights without having to make mistakes, and this is why we put together this article.

1. A wise woman is self-reliant and doesn’t demand that others look after her.
We’re not talking about children here — only about you. When she begins dating a man, sometimes a woman begins to fall into a pattern of demanding that he feed, clothe, and entertain her. Yet a man is not obliged to look after anyone apart from his children — and the same goes for women. He can choose to look after you, but he’s not obligated to.

2. She doesn’t ask a man to give up what he loves
Never ask your man to give up his job or his hobby in order to spend more time with you. An intelligent woman knows that this will make him unhappy, for his life (like everyone else’s) is made up of a multitude of smaller elements — it’s more than just his love for you.

3. She doesn’t force him to abandon his friends and relatives
It might be the case that you can’t stand one of his friends or relatives. But that doesn’t mean he’s obligated to give up having any contact with them for your sake. Even if they seem to you to be a bad influence on him, it’s not your choice. He deeply values the friendships that he’s built up over many years, and his connection with his relatives is no less important to him than yours are to you, even if he occasionally has conflicts with them.

4. She doesn’t ask him to share her interest
If he hates dancing but you dream of doing the salsa with him, the chances are he’s going to refuse no matter what, and you have no right to insist. Imagine how you would feel if he tried to force you to do something you detest. Remember: it is possible not to share certain interests without this indicating a lack of love or mutual respect.

5. She doesn’t force himto become a different person
A woman who knows the true value of a relationship doesn’t demand that her partner changes. She knows that she’s in love with a real human being who will only change if he wants to himself. Indeed, a man will only value that woman who accepts him as he is and who inspires him to become a better person in an unobtrusive way.

6. She doesn’t ask him to ignore other women
It’s time to look the truth in the eyes: men can’t not take notice of other beautiful women. To do so would be contradictory to their nature. (Obviously, we’re not talking about allowing them to openly flirt with others.) A woman’s gaze is also drawn to other attractive people who they’re not in a relationship with, and there’s no way to avoid this. Just accept this fact calmly.

7. She trust him
A wise woman doesn’t demand any evidence of love and affection, or proof that he hasn’t betrayed her, from her partner. When the connection between her and her partner is built on trust, a woman will never ask to take a look at his telephone or try to gain access to his e-mail. A mature adult would find these kinds of actions offensive, and they’d be right to do so.

To ensure that peace and harmony prevail in your relationship, always try to find a compromise, and remember that both sides will sometimes have to give in to the other. Respect, warmth, empathy, and patience — these are what there should be a lot of in a relationship between two mature individuals.