6 Things About Life You Need To Realize To Be Ready For It

Life is not some concrete thing we lurch through for 90 years and then die of. Life is a very fluid, changing thing, and yet, there are truths to life in this world that remain largely concrete. You may not be ready for them, but here they are.

1. You never stop changing.
Every teenager thinks they know everything, and it’s because they think they won’t change. Every middle aged person thinks they know everything, and it’s because they think they won’t change again. Every old person realizes they know nothing, because life is a learning experience and you never ever stop changing.

2. You are an empath.
Empathy is seen as a special ability – it is not. There is nothing special about empathy because, literally, it’s soft-wired into our brains. Every baby born is born with empathy. That’s why, when one baby in a nursery starts crying, all the other babies do too. The other babies don’t know why they’re crying, they simply recognize hurt and cry with you. Adults are the same way. It’s only when we beat empathy out of ourselves that we become narcissistic and uncaring.

3. What’s important to you will change.
Just like you, the things that are important to you will change. That’s why it’s okay to not pick your major in college right away, or to simply not go to college right away, or to not stick with a job forever and ever because you feel obligated too. Where you stand will change throughout your life. Don’t resist it.

4. Not every decision will be easy.
Chances are, you’ve had to make some big decisions in life. We all have. But there could be decisions down the road that are harder than anything you’ve ever had to do before. Realize that not every decision will be easy, nor should they be. Take your time. Make sure you’re making the right choices.

5. You will make sacrifices, and you’ll like it.
We picture sacrifice as a terrible thing, one that leaves us living in a sort of tragic little hell. But sacrifice is something that can bring you joy as well. When you sacrifice parts of yourselves to help others grow, you’re committing an amazing deed on behalf of the people you love. You’ll make sacrifices, and in the end, you’ll like it.

6. Who you are may become confusing.
Everything in life is transient. Nothing ever stays the same. Who you are may be confusing sometime. Keep lines of communication to yourself wide open. Spend time in meditation. Try new things. Get to know the real you, because the real you is different almost every day.

Source: Higher Perspective