4 Signs Your Partner Is No Longer In Love

When you find a person that you call “home” want to fall in love with or fall in love with all over again, you view this person as if they were your entire world.

Sometimes in those relationships, we can find ourselves facing even the ugliest of challenges that make us not seem like the world anymore to each other.
However, there will always be time between you to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.
These red flags are some of the little indications that could mean that your relationship could be coming to an end soon.

As to avoid any brash decision making or acting out of anger from not knowing what to do, look for these warning signs and try to diffuse the problem before it becomes too late.

1. Sudden Personality Changes

There may come a time in your relationship if not all is well, your partner could adopt certain things that you would never expect them to be doing at all.
Sometimes these changes are for the better for themselves and for your relationship together. Other times these changes could mean that they are looking to please someone else’s needs before yours.

It is important that you communicate as to why these changes are happening and why they have suddenly taken up these new things. If you can, see if they would be willing to get you into them as well so that you both can have the same shared interest.

2. Less Affectionate

If you’ve noticed that your partner has become less affectionate toward you, meaning that they do not like to touch you, caress you, hold you, any kind of physical contact and refuse to be apart of your life, then this could be one of the more stronger indications that your partner is going to leave you soon.

This is one of the more obvious red flags and should be dealt with as soon as you possibly can. Communicating to them on what makes them happy and what doesn’t make them happy can get you started on the right path to recovering yourselves together.

3. Unwilling To Communicate

If you’ve noticed that your partner has stopped talking all together and wishes to no longer communicate with you, then this is probably the biggest red flag that your relationship is in critical condition. You need to try your best to understand them and why they are not willing to talk to you anymore.

If there is no getting around trying to be honest, understanding, willing to cooperate, and or they just do not want to be in the same location as you in general, then you may have to consider what you did wrong to them.
Apologizing is a good start, but you will never know what the true problem is unless they tell you.

4. No Longer Spending Time Together

There may come a time in your relationship where it may seem like your partner is no longer spending time with you, this could be because they really want to go be with their friends, hang out with family, or whatever the more innocent scenario may be.

However, if they are deliberately avoiding you and are purposefully hanging out with other people other than yourself, then you will need to talk to them as to why they no longer want to be around you.
The answer may be tough to hear, but at least you will know why they no longer wish to be with you in the same place.

All of these red flags should be dealt with in a very calm manner, express your feelings, try to listen to their words, understand the situation, and do your best to come to an agreement with one another.

Source: Higher Perspective