6 Things That Are More Intimate Than Sex

Intimacy is one of those things that doesn’t have to involve you getting each other undressed as fast as you possibly can and making a lot of audible noises to express your overall joy for the other person.
There are a variety of other ways that you can show the other person how you feel and what it means when you are with them beside sex, enjoying every single second that you get to spend together.

Of course, sex is definitely a lot of fun and probably one of the most intimate ways you can be with someone, however, it’s also nice to try these other forms of intimacy just to show them that sex isn’t the only thing you care about.

This goes for both genders because we all would like to believe that both of you are doing your best in making sure the other person is satisfied with you, not only just in the bed sheets, but outside of them as well.

Here are six other ways that you can be intimate without having sex with your partner.

1. Gaze Into The Depths Of Their Eyes

This may seem like some kind of creepy thing to do to your partner, but when the timing is right you will know when the perfect moment is when you just want to stop and stare into their eyes longingly with all of your love.

Gazing into the eyes of your partner is probably one of the most intimate things you could do to them. Not only are you literally providing all of your attention but you are expressing your joy in just by being able to gaze at them and how amazing this other human being is out of everyone else that exists on this planet.

Not many people are rewarded with such kindness or honesty from others, showing them how you feel just by looking deeply into their eyes can say a thousand words without even needing to open your mouth.

2. Sleep Together Without Sex

There are times when your partner may not exactly be in the right mood for having sex, which is more than okay because just cuddling them and holding them as you both fall asleep is probably one of the most intimate things you could together.

Resting there in a comfy spot with both of you in each other’s arms can be extremely romantic especially if you both are talking about your hopes and dreams for the future that include each other.
Whispering sweet somethings and nothings can be very therapeutic for the both of you the more you just let your hearts beat closely while you lay there in bed.

3. Swaddle Them When Their Sick

Another extremely amazing intimate thing you could do for your partner is basically tending to their every need while they are feeling sick.
You may be thinking to yourself that there is no way in heck that you are willing to take care of a sick person, but providing all the essentials to someone you care about, especially while their sick, can be one of the most romantic and intimate things you could do for someone.
You are seeing this person at their most vulnerable state just by not being able to help themselves as much from how sick they are.

Making them soup, tucking them into bed, putting on their favorite movies, going out to get them food somewhere, and making them feel as if they are still just as beautiful as the day you first met can mean the world to your partner while they are sick.

4. Write Each Other Love Letters

This may seem like something you would only do if you were in middle school or high school still, but writing a love letter to your partner can mean so much more than you think it does.
When was the last time you received an actual love letter from someone you cared about? Do you remember the way it felt the first time you read it?

Sometimes the best way that we are able to express ourselves is just by putting all of our feelings down into words onto paper.
Let them know how special they are to you, describe what it’s like to fall in love with them, and tell them how you simply can’t think of yourself being with anyone else.

5. Tell Them Their Absolutely Beautiful

There is no one else in this world that compares to this persons beauty so what other way better to describe it other than flat-out telling them you think their absolutely beautiful?
This compliment carries a lot of weight already, because not only are you telling this human being that they are ridiculously stunning but you are the person who’s saying it to them.

Sure, being called beautiful may not seem like something too significant but it is. Your partner could hear the exact same thing from a stranger or a close friend but it means a world of difference when it comes from the person you are in love with.

6. Do Nothing Together

One of the most extreme ways to be intimate with your partner is by doing absolutely nothing at all.

That’s right, not going out for dinner, not going out to a party, or visiting friends, etc. Just be together, reading books, playing video games, holding each other, or just talking about nonsense.

This is when you are able to see how each other operate when there is nothing left to do. You are showing each other that you still really want to be together despite nothing significant happening at the moment.

It’s a good thing when you’ve found someone who is capable of doing absolutely nothing with you and just being able to hang out or relax. Put on some music and just watch the clouds go by.

There are a variety of other methods you could try that doesn’t involve having sex with the other person but these are a pretty good start.

Source: Higher Perspective