5 Behaviors That Prevent People From Finding Relationships That Actually Work

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When it comes to finding relationships that you can devote all of your love and time to, you kind of have to act a certain way in order for the other person to see any kind of potential of a future with you at all.

You may be thinking to yourself that if someone doesn’t like you for the way you are then they can just keep moving.
Well, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with you, but there are definitely some other methods that you could try so that the other person can see where you might be coming from.

The next time you decide to try to ask someone out on a date, try to avoid these five kinds of behaviors.

1. Trying To Be With Someone Who Is Already Taken

This is probably one of the most difficult things for a person to hear about the person they are trying to be involved with.
However, if the person you are trying to form an intimate relationship with just so happens to be already taken by somebody else then you are going to have to summon every bit of respect that you have and find someone else yourself.

Although you think there may be some kind of potential between the two of you, there simply can’t be because they are already committed to someone else. Try to take being let down with ease. You certainly can’t win them all.

2. Have A Very Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is usually one of the many problems that people have when it comes to putting yourself out there in the dating world, however, if you truly don’t love yourself how are you going to expect someone else to love you?
The more that you are able to find out what happiness means to you and then doing everything in your power to achieve that, then there probably isn’t going to be a lot of people who are going to want to spend their time on someone who only wants others to help them out.
Self-love is a very important quality to have before finding someone else to be in love with.

3. Excessive Negativity

If you just so happen to be someone who can’t find the bright side in literally anything at all, then there shouldn’t be any surprise as to why you can’t find someone to be in love with you.
No one wants to be around someone who is just going to point out the obvious negative things in the world. You have to be willing to actually be happy and display that happiness for others to see if you are wanting someone else to notice you for the first time.
There are a multitude of methods that you could try in order to boost your overall perspective on life, why not giving some of them a try?

4. You Have Ridiculously High Standards

This one is usually the case as to why people have a hard time finding love as well. Of course, we all have a certain picture in our head as to what the person we want to be in love with looks like and acts like.
However, you can’t hold these unrealistic expectations over everyone you meet because there’s simply no way that every single person can live up to those certain kinds of preferences.
Try lowering some of your standards at least by just a tiny bit. There is a lot of potential in random people you’ve never met before, why not give them the chance to prove themselves worthy enough?

5. Unfair Deal Breakers

Having a deal breaker for every single date you have is simply impossible to do. You can’t throw out every single other good thing about a person just because they have this one certain thing that you don’t like.
Sure, maybe they need help with this “deal breaker” and you might be just the person for the job.

This doesn’t mean that you have to take on anything you don’t want to it’s just that everyone comes with their own baggage and it might be worth looking into if you truly want to see something happen with this person.

Hopefully this has persuaded you into changing some of your behaviors so that you can meet the person who is just for you. This can ease the process of finding relationships.

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credit: Higher Perspectives