Feelings and Desires

Our feelings are a natural response to our thoughts and intentions. We don’t really choose our feelings directly. Our feelings are a feedback mechanism. They indicate whether we’re moving into alignment with our true desires (positive feelings) or out of alignment (negative feelings).

Simply put… we feel good when we’re moving towards what we want, and we feel bad when we’re moving away from what we want. And that movement is more about thought and intention than it is about action.

Feelings as Feedback

The way you can deal with negative feelings is to back track them to their source. That source is found in your thoughts and intentions. When you ask myself, “What thoughts and intentions are giving rise to these feelings?” you can eventually find the answer. You can see where you’re out of alignment with what you really want. Negative feelings reveal that you’re moving away from your true desires instead of towards them, so do your best to acknowledge and accept your true desires and to align your thoughts with them.

There are a couple different processes you can use. The first is journaling. Write to clarify your negative feelings and to figure out what thoughts are causing them. The second process is conversation. Talk to someone about it.

Most of the time my feelings arise from my own thoughts, and either through journaling or conversation, you can track them to the source. Invariably this reveals you’ve been inadvertently moving away from something you want. The negative emotions are a way for your true desires to get your attention.

Negative Feelings as a Call to Action

Negative feelings mean you’re going the wrong way. Your current reality is no longer a match for you, and it’s time to experience something new. That’s a good thing, so don’t worry when you notice you’re feeling bad. It just means you want something better or different. So don’t whine about feeling bad. Instead go into sleuth mode, and figure out why you’re feeling bad. It’s because you want something new that you don’t yet have, and at the same time you’re stubbornly resisting what you want by failing to fully align yourself with it. Don’t ignore your desires, or those negative feelings will only grow stronger and louder until you listen.

Often what traps us in negative emotion is that deep down we know what we want, but we don’t think we can get it. Sometimes we also don’t feel we deserve it. So we tell ourselves maybe we shouldn’t want it. Please don’t do that. It never works. You cannot NOT want what you want. If you want it, you want it. Trying to deny your desires is only going to piss you off. You really need to do the exact opposite of that.

Summoning the Energy of Desire

When you want something, really want it. Let that delicious feeling of desire permeate your entire being… until you’re almost ready to explode from the energy it creates. Desire feels good. This is how you get yourself aligned with what you want. This is what activates the Law of Attraction to help manifest what you want. This is also what activates your creativity and summons inspired action to help you get there even faster.

What you want to summon here isn’t exactly a thought, a feeling, or an action. Some people call it a vibration. That’s pretty close to what it feels like. To me it’s a sensation of being charged with positive energy. Imagine drinking a cocktail made from one part lust, one part ecstasy, and three parts electricity. That’s roughly what it feels like.

Align Yourself with Your Desires, and Get Out of the Way

The receiving/manifesting part isn’t up to us so much — our part is simply to admit what we really want, to hold that desire, and to move into alignment with it. You will begin to feel good as soon as you start moving in the right direction, which starts with clarifying exactly what you want and then allowing yourself to want it.

If you’ve been feeling bad lately, recognize that it’s because you want something you don’t currently have. Want to feel even worse? Try pretending you don’t really want it, assume you’ll never get it, or imagine you don’t deserve it. Want to turn it around and feel fantastic? Step fully and completely into that desire, and bask in the energy it summons.

Feeling Bad Is a Good Thing

You’re supposed to feel bad when new desires get activated — at least initially. That emotional nudge is there to get your attention, so you’ll listen to what you really want and start heading in that direction.

This doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. When you move in the direction of your true desires — not the phony, socially conditioned ones — you will feel good. It’s also relatively easy. What makes it difficult is when we resist the notion of wanting what we want. Instead of resisting our desires, we need to do the exact opposite — embrace them as fully and completely as we can.

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